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9 Happiness Strategies

Posted Jun 02 2011 5:58pm

I’ve been reading a lot about happiness lately, and it turns out there’s a whole lot of science behind what makes us happy. And more research being done all the time.

There is an excellent argument to be made that happiness is the one true goal. The one thing we all crave–the deep meaning underneath all the layers of everything we strive for, and everything we think we want. It’s an interesting thought.

Question is, are you happy? Hard to answer, isn’t it? After all, how do you measure happiness? Well, how about this then: could you be happier? If we’re honest, I think most of us could say yes to this.

So if that’s true…how does one go about becoming happier?

Well, I just so happen to have a few strategies for you. Each of these have emerged from recent research, and have been shown to improve happiness:

1. Practice gratitude. Make a habit of reminding yourself (keep a journal!) of the things you’re thankful for.

2. Be an optimist: Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

3. Enrich your life with supportive, loving friends and family.

4. Forget about the Jonses. Concern yourself with your own life–avoid the trap of constantly comparing yourself to others.

5. Be mindful: live in the present.

6. Actively cultivate & practice stress management .

7. Fill your life with meaningful pursuits; work toward something that’s bigger than yourself.

8. Don’t rage against the machine: learn to accept what you can’t change.

9. Help other people.

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