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…Physical Fitness vs. Mental Fitness; How Food Affects Each…

Posted Jul 22 2013 7:00am

Food is the most important basic necessity because it directly affects our own body. The bodily processes are fueled by the food we eat, and if we add more of processed/fast/sugary and calorific food then we only harm our body decreasing our physical fitness. It can be extremely well said that food affects both physical and mental fitness. In this article, we will make an effort to weigh Mental Fitness and Physical Fitness and how they are affected by food.


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How Food Affects Physical Fitness

Strength, coordination, agility, endurance, level of performance speed is all empowered by food. What you eat is directly proportional to the level of success in housework, job, shopping, schooling and all matters of daily life. Eating healthy gives you the fitness to move in ease while, on the other hand, unhealthy food makes you fat and sloppy which in turn snatches away flexibility. The result is that you become stagnating, slow and prone to sicknesses. A poor diet will thus give you stress, pain and strain. If you can shift your pattern of food from sugary calorific and processed food to more fresh food, vegetable and whole grains you are actually taking a step towards physical fitness. The latest culture of fast food and processed food is in such a rise that even children as young as ten or twelve suffer from serious ailments of the heart. Fried food contains trans-fat that are saturated forms of fat. They clog the arteries and can cause strokes and heart attacks. A survey about young children and dieting revealed that 25% of 7 year olds suffers from eating disorders.

How Food Affects Mental Fitness

The brain too draws its power to work from the food we eat. Eating right is like ensuring your mental fitness, on the other side eating unhealthy will shatter your emotional and mental health. Learning capability and memory are particularly much affected by food, and if one thrives on unhealthy food he is prone to mental diseases like depression, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and Parkinson’s disease. Hence to ensure mental fitness you must fill your platter with lots of colorful fruits, vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids. Removing trans fat from your food removes your chances of obesity and thereby reduces chances of neuro-degenerative processes, reduced brain volume and cognitive impairment.

Physical Fitness Vs Mental Fitness

Now when we weigh both against each other, we will notice that both physical and mental fitness are directly proportional to the food we eat. A balanced diet ensures a balancing mood, a balanced health and at the end of the day well-being of the entire body. We can even say that physical fitness and mental fitness are both entwined around the food we eat, sometimes as separate branches and sometimes as one. After all only when we are physically well off will our mental peace be in its accentuated best!

Advantages of Avoiding Processed and Fast Food

A recent survey has shown that due to rise in fast food culture there is a 34% decline in vegetable consumption in US alone and only 13% of men and 15% women have at least five portions of vegetable or fruits every day. Even though fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, cost you more, but in the long run the amount you will be spending on medicine and doctors consultation can never match up with the price that you ought to spend now! Maintaining the right nature of food at regular intervals of time will ensure the right level of sugar in the blood and hence you will feel more energetic and charge up for daily activities.



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