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“You should have taken a picture of THIS!”

Posted Jun 29 2010 7:30pm

This is for you, Mom.

As I may have mentioned some time ago, my Momma went to baking school this summer. Which has lead to never ending fresh rolls and bread at my parents house. I just so happen to reap the benefits when I travel back to farm on Mondays. This past Monday, she decided to tackle pizza dough, after thoroughly informing me about the proper techniques in allowing bread to rise.

My favorite pizza is from Mama Palmas’, and is still considered my first “real meal” after being sick. It has fresh tomatoes, asparagus, and goat cheese, and NO sauce (I don’t really like red sauce). So naturally I requested a pizza with fresh tomatoes, asparagus, and goat cheese… with fresh spinach and mushroom… and no sauce. And my Mom just gave me a blank stare. And further confirmed how crazy I am.

She blew it out of the park. I will probably never be satisfied eating pizza out after having this.

It was love at first bite. And the pictures do not even begin to do this pizza justice. Not to mention that it was reheated for dinner tonight.

Of course just eating veg filled pizza wasn’t enough greenery for me.

A side of spring peas, fresh from the garden? Don’t mind if I do.

After a particularly sweaty spin class (meaning the AC was broken in the gym, I sucked down an entire Sigg of water, and my clothes were completely saturated) I figured that I deserved dessert.

Health dessert:

Bowl o’ fruit.

Unhealthy dessert:

Chocolate vita-top, topped with Earth Balance creamy PB. Heavenly.

Just wanted to let you know, Mom, that I love you. And that ordering take out pizza from Marcello’s will never again be an option.

Do you have a favorite meal that your parents make?

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