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“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” — Oscar Wilde

Posted Aug 28 2012 8:18am

Lately I’ve been a little constellation-crazy. Maybe it’s because of the complete lack of starlight in downtown Toronto. Or maybe it’s because the papers have been so focused on the heavens, with the Curiosity  {Wall-E 2, in my mind} and Neil Armstrong {RIP}.

Whatever the reason, I’ve found myself hungry for starlight. And if you can’t catch a real star to put in your pocket, a glittering gold bracelet will have to do.  These are my favorite sparkly finds:

{1,vintage bvlgari lunar cycle bracelet;

2,  Colibri Lunar Collection Pocket Watch3, Uncommon Goods Astrology Necklace

4, Hands Workshop Astrological Print ; 5, Wink Zodiac Coin Necklace }

I would like all of these things, please, and a man who would appreciate the hip elegance of a pocketwatch ^~

In other celestial news, I’ve received my class schedule and I got into all of my top picks, including an  Astrology course. Check out this course description, I’m so excited:

“Today the difference between astronomy and astrology is defined with clarity, with the former recognized as an established scientific discipline and the latter regarded as a pseudoscience, rejected for its lack of credibility. Such was not always the case, as astrology gave birth to astronomy. This course explores the complex interrelationship between the two from the third millennium BCE to 1700 CE.”

How amazing does that class sound?! I’ve always been fascinated by both. Now I get to learn about what it means to be under which sign, and how that evolved.

I’m on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp, born in the year of the Dragon, under the Birch tree, if you’re into Celtic mythology. {If you’re not into zodiac stuff, but you’re into Harry Potter , this means my wand would be birch, and my “core” would be unicorn hair. Done deal!}



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