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“Study: Dropped 28 Pounds in 10 Weeks – Using 150mg of This*” – Dr. Mercola

Posted Jan 03 2013 10:06pm
By Dr. Mercola:

All they did was take 150mg of this ancient extract while maintaining the same diet and exercise level – and they shed an average of 28 pounds (the placebo group shed just 3 pounds).* Also tested in rats – dropped their caloric intake by almost half…*†

There could be many reasons for your frustration. I believe one of the most critical factors in keeping off the pounds is a smart eating plan to match your particular nutritional type (NT) not just any old “diet-of-the-month” plan.

And when you complement your smart NT eating plan with an effective regular exercise regimen, you should be well on your way to curbing some of your weight control frustrations. There are plenty of examples and articles on Dr. Mercola’s Peak Fitness site to help you get started.

But despite all this, as you age, it becomes more challenging to keep excess inches off your abdomen. Let me assure you, abdominal fat is fat you don’t want hanging around. “Belly” or abdominal fat is the fat that surrounds your organs.

Abdominal fat promotes the release of “cytokines” cell-signaling protein molecules associated with less-than-optimal health. Belly fat can be the most difficult fat to lose, being resistant to many of the best diet and exercise programs.

Now, breakthrough research has finally discovered a way to help reduce this stubborn belly fat.*

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “middle-age spread”. As you reach middle age and beyond, your body begins to store and release fat differently. And this all happens out of sight at your body’s cellular level. Your fat cells control their size and number by secreting three different ‘command signals’:

These command signals tell your brain whether to stop or to continue to eat. And you’ll soon discover that it’s because of these three substances that many young, physically active people can consume what seems like endless calories without packing on pounds.

Weight Loss No more starvation diets.
Have you ever noticed that when you’re trying your hardest to control your weight, all you can think about is food?
What if you could go about your day (and evening) focused on things besides dieting and eating?*

Wouldn’t that constitute a major personal breakthrough? And, best of all, healthy signals to your brain regarding eating would just happen, without undue thought or action.*

You’d help reduce some of the distraction.*

Ideally, you would simply sit down at the table and eat only enough to satisfy yourself.*

Here’s the thing When you allow your brain and your body to go about its normal task of controlling your eating, it becomes easier to achieve and maintain your normal body weight.

And this can happen without excessive will power or starvation diets.*

The hormone leptin is key for helping your body maintain its lean composition. Here’s how it works The fat cells in your body secrete a hormone called leptin. Leptin works as a chemical signal in your blood that tells your brain you have eaten enough.

When things are working optimally, you “hear” that message and you stop eating. Your body really doesn’t want to pack away more pounds than it needs. Your body naturally seeks to stay within your ideal weight zone.

Not only does leptin help shut down your hunger, it also helps you burn more calories. Leptin stimulates the breakdown of stored triglycerides from your fat cells. But, as you’ll soon see, all doesn’t always work perfectly.

Here’s the problem

Most overweight individuals already have high levels of leptin circulating in their bloodstream. And because of this overload, their fat cells become less sensitive to leptin that is, cells do not receive and respond to leptin signals optimally.

Researchers now understand how leptin resistance can lead to weight gain and stubborn weight loss.

When you’re overweight, your fat cells also increase in size. They pump more and more leptin into your bloodstream in an attempt to better get their message through to your brain. But, unfortunately, your brain does not “hear” the message in an optimal way.

In response, two things happen.

  • First, your body burns less fat
  • Second, your fat cells soak up fewer free fatty acids from your bloodstream. The overabundance of fatty acids in your blood causes your muscles to become less responsive to insulin than they ideally should, ultimately leading to a rise in blood sugar. This in turn only leads to more free fatty acids, more fat stores and a vicious cycle.

We’ve talked about leptin and how it’s an important chemical signal that commands your brain to cease eating.

The second signal produced and released by your fat cells is adiponectin a hormone that helps to maintain your body’s normal insulin sensitivity. As the amount of fat tissue increases, the level of adiponectin decreases. Larger fat cells naturally produce less adiponectin. Levels of adiponectin also appear to be directly related to belly fat.

Overall, levels are lower in overweight people and higher in lean people. When you lose weight, more adiponectin is available to promote health.

Last but not least, glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase is the third command signal that your fat cells produce. This is an enzyme that helps convert starch and sugar calories to stored body fat.

I probably don’t need to state the obvious, but I’m sure you’re beginning to see why maintaining healthy, normal levels of these three substances may be helpful for not just a lean and trim body, but for total health.*

Just to summarize how these three substances can help contribute to maintenance of your ideal weight in my opinion, the perfect weight loss tool would help:

  • Increase adiponectin
  • Decrease glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
  • Allow leptin’s natural signals to be “heard” optimally

There are several things you can do to help promote your cells’ ideal sensitivity to leptin and support the second two important command signals:

  • Avoid processed foods
  • Avoid high fructose corn syrup, sugars, grains, fruit juices, and sweetened and diet drinks
  • Supplement with high quality omega-3 fatty acids (Krill oil is a good, highly absorbable form to use)

In my opinion, one of the most important steps in helping your cells to respond ideally to the three command signals is to choose foods that are right for your body type.

You see, your body responds to food which ultimately becomes your fuel based on your genetics, biochemical makeup, family history, and everyday interactions with your environment.

The idea is that by determining your unique Nutritional Type, you can then select foods that work best for your body. As you probably know already, I’m a huge advocate of Nutritional Typing and believe it’s clearly one of the most critical things you must do to support good health. Here’s why The science of Nutritional Typing is one of the only systems that customizes nutrition based on the way your body reacts to food.

And that might help explain why certain foods make you feel bloated, sluggish, and generally not great after you consume them. Even if they are so-called “healthy” foods

Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise helps your body hear its natural command signals.

Of course, no discussion about promoting your cells’ optimal ability to respond to leptin’s signals would be complete without mention of exercise.

If you’re not accustomed to exercising, I advise you to start slowly. Even something as simple as rebounding on a mini trampoline or a brisk walk or bike ride around your neighborhood will help you get started.

Find something you like to do – and commit to doing it regularly.

Can’t get motivated? Enroll an accountability partner and help each other be consistent. I cannot stress enough the importance of eating nutritiously and a regular exercise plan to help better manage your weight.

If you’re looking for a type of exercise that will give you maximum reward for your time spent, then I believe you should check out Dr. Mercola’s Peak Fitness Routine.

Just like implementing the right nutrition plan (NT) is vital to keeping off the pounds, such is the case with exercising as well. But if you’ve not exercised in some time, I recommend you begin slowly and build up to more intense levels over time. It would also be wise to double-check with your healthcare professional prior to starting any exercise program.

Once you’ve got eating for your Nutritional Type and adequate exercise covered, there’s something else that may help you quiet your excessive “let’s eat!” messages.*

An extract from a West African herb called Irvingia gabonensis may help support optimal leptin sensitivity in overweight people.* And by promoting your body’s ideal sensitivity to leptin, you can better know when your body has eaten enough food.* In a recently published study, Irvingia demonstrated positive effects upon leptin blood levels and resulted in weight loss and inches off the waistline.*

Over a 10-week period, one double-blind study group received 150 mg of Irvingia extract twice daily while maintaining the same diet and exercise level. This group lost an average of 28 pounds whereas the placebo group lost less than three pounds.*

The Irvingia group also maintained healthy blood glucose, cholesterol, and LDL levels that were already within the normal range, and experienced a significant reduction in C-reactive protein levels.* Plus, there was a significant reduction overall of circulating leptin and a significant increase in adiponectin.*

rvingia targets the important factors that I mentioned above that may be involved in age-related weight gain, such as responding to your fat cells’ command signals.*

In addition to supporting healthy leptin sensitivity*, Irvingia also helps:

  • Reduce the activity of glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase which may help reduce the amount of starch and sugar calories that turn into body fat.*
  • Support a slowing of the rate of carbohydrate absorption from the intestines and a reduction of the caloric impact of starchy and sugary foods.*
  • Support healthy adiponectin levels while helping to maintain healthy insulin sensitivity.*

Of course, I must carefully caution you that if you eat more calories than your body can utilize, weight loss can’t occur. Excess calories are stored as fat in your fat cells. It’s just that simple. In my opinion, you simply can’t consume unlimited calories and expect to shed fat pounds by taking a product that might happen to show weight loss in a research study.

Lose Weight with Dr. Mercola

Diet drinks and foods may cause weight gain instead of weight loss.

Many people turn to diet drinks and foods when they want to shed extra pounds and inches. Artificially sweetened beverages and foods are NOT the answer to losing weight.

They contain synthetic and what I believe to be harmful ingredients. Not only that, the latest research very clearly shows that artificial sweeteners actually cause weight GAIN rather than weight loss.

I’ve detailed their hazards in my book Sweet Deception, as well as in numerous articles on the website. Your best alternative, in my opinion, is to replace any type of soda with pure filtered water.

Aspartame in particular is of extreme concern to me. Also known as Equal or NutraSweet, its use has been linked to cancer, premature birth, and developmental and cognitive problems in kids.

Added to over 6,000 foods and beverages, you must read labels carefully to detect its presence.

Dr. Mercola BioTHIN with Irvingia, Hoodia and Fucoxanthin

Dr. Mercola's BioTHIN with Irvingia is an all-new and all-natural supplement. Order Now >BioTHIN with Irvingia is an all-new and all-natural supplement that I formulated to help better support your weight loss when combined with diet and exercise.* And this product is intended to help harmonize with the way you were designed to lose weight - and with overall healthy living.*

And as I mentioned previously, a healthy eating plan using NT, and a regular exercise plan are critical keys for success in helping to manage your weight and overall wellness. BioTHIN with Irvingia was formulated as a natural complement to all this to help you even more.*

You may be familiar with our previous BioTHIN product. We’ve had great success with that product and it has helped many people take control of their weight management.*

But to be honest, once I learned about Irvingia and heard about the tremendous benefits it offers, I knew I had to add it to BioTHIN.*

In my opinion, BioTHIN with Irvingia is now one of the most complete weight management supplements available.*

BioTHIN with Irvingia is formulated to give you the edge you seek, to make a long-term difference in your weight loss and consequently, overall health.*

Preliminary evidence suggests that it works deep down at one of the sources of the issue at the command level that controls your fat cells.* And with BioTHIN, you get much more than just Irvingia.

In my opinion, Fucoxanthin is one of the most exciting substances to hit the weight loss market in quite some time.*

A natural carotenoid (natural pigments found primarily in plants and algae), Fucoxanthin exists naturally in brown seaweed, a type of kelp. Preliminary animal research performed in Russia and Japan suggests that fucoxanthin may help burn fat.*

Also, here’s a huge plus for you and others searching for an effective yet natural option that doesn’t disrupt your activities and sleep. Fucoxanthin revs up your metabolism without stimulating your central nervous system.* Although it’s not fully understood how fucoxanthin works, it appears to target a protein called UCP1 that increases the rate at which belly fat is burned.*

Evidence is emerging showing that the fucoxanthin component is a powerful antioxidant that can protect your cells from free radical damage*. It also may support your:

  • Cardiovascular health*
  • Healthy immune response*
  • Maintenance of healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels that are already within the normal range*
  • Maintenance of healthy blood pressure levels that are already within the normal range*
  • Healthy liver function*

So, for natural weight loss, along with eating a healthy diet according to your Nutritional Type plus exercising, I urge you to consider BioTHIN with Irvingia that includes fucoxanthin to help jumpstart your weight loss efforts.*

But wait! That’s just part of the story…

Dr. Mercola Diet and Weight Loss Supplement The pomegranate has been a staple of Asian diets since ancient times. The rich ruby fruit was mentioned in Egyptian papyrus scrolls dating back to 1550 BC. And in ancient Greek myths, the pomegranate represented life and regeneration.

Its traditional use dates back more than 3,000 years. Modern science is actively rediscovering its potential for a more healthful life.* Recent studies reveal a surprising host of benefits for consuming pomegranate.*

Pomegranates contain powerful antioxidants that help quench free radicals in your body.* One study suggests that pomegranate shows triple the amount of antioxidant activity of either green tea or red wine.*
Other studies suggest that pomegranates contain bioflavonoids to help maintain healthy capillary walls.*
BioTHIN with Irvingia is enhanced with pomegranate extract standardized to 40 percent punicosides, which are the most powerful antioxidants in pomegranate.

And you don’t need to expose your body to alternative, potentially dangerous weight loss options.*

Now you can say goodbye to those fad diets. Instead, BioTHIN with Irvingia may help you reach your weight-loss goals when used in combination with exercise and a healthy diet.*

Along with sensible eating for your Nutritional Type and getting your body moving every day, BioTHIN with Irvingia is your all-natural partner in achieving the new body you desire.* Whatever your reason for wanting to shed those unwanted pounds, BioTHIN with Irvingia is ready to help.*

Plus, BioTHIN with Irvingia gives you so much more than ‘just’ support for weight loss.* It can also give you nutritional benefits – antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that all contribute to your optimal health.*

So, you’ll be working toward not only looking great – but also feeling your best, too.*

Take control over your weight now. Why settle for failure when you can have help in the war with your weight? All-natural BioTHIN with Irvingia gives you that extra fighting power to help you finally get in control of your eating and your life.* Naturally.

BioTHIN with Irvingia is a phenomenal complement to a healthy NT eating plan and a regular exercise regimen to help put you in control of your weight and overall health.*

You might think that such a high-quality supplement with seven of the finest weight loss botanicals would cost a fortune. But I didn’t want anything to deter you from maximizing your health and optimizing your weight*, so we’ve made it very affordable.

This could prove to be one of the greatest years of your life. And now with the very-affordable BioTHIN with Irvingia, achieving your ideal weight is a more manageable goal than ever before.*

Start working toward fulfilling your weight control dreams starting today.*

Ngondi JL, Matsinkou R, Oben JE. The use of Irvingia gabonensis extract (IGOB131) in the management of metabolic syndrome in Cameroon.
Nutrition J. 2008 (submitted).
Dr. Mercola BioTHIN with Irvingia, Hoodia and Fucoxanthin

Order Dr. Mercola's BioTHIN with Irvingia now >

Label Snapshot for Dr. Mercola Biothin with Irvingia™, & Fucoxanthin

Label Snapshot for Dr. Mercola Biothin with Irvingia™, & Fucoxanthin

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

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