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“She’s not Heavy, she’s my Dezzy.”

Posted Apr 06 2011 12:48pm

(this post has been sitting in limbo for awhile :) )

It started back at the doctors a few weeks ago. Just a check up. He said I was in perfect health, but I asked him if he had any advice for losing weight (since he’s been my doctor forever, he knows my body fairly well). He gave me a quick exam and said I was very proportionate and muscular, so maybe this was just the way my body is supposed to be. And I quote “you’re not fat, you’re just heavy.

NONSENSE, I told him. He said while there was no medical need because my numbers were on point, and I don’t have any weight related injuries (booyow!), he can offer some advice.

“If you want to weigh less, it means you’re going to have to lose a little muscle and fat at the same time. No refined carbs, at all. Keep good carbs before 10am, and cut an additional 300 calories out of your diet. Don’t eat past 7pm. And take a break between workouts.”

What I heard was:

“You are going directly to jail. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200″

After a slight panic attack of the weeks to come: Limited TKD time, hungry-belly forever, weakness and strength depletion, I finally got it through my head that I probably won’t die.

Well guess what? It worked because I FINALLY knocked out 3lbs in one week. EVEN during special lady fluffy time. I mean, I know fat is there, have you seen me dance? That MUST be jelly, cause jam don’t shake like that….

Here’s the change up:

This is just an average day looked like. Yes, the first two days were super hard. And although not squeaky clean (there is talk of a cadbury egg in the mix…), it paid off and I burst through my plateau. It was difficult not eating dinner. And I really shouldn’t be eating that late. Sometimes I don’t get home till 11pm. He said I should eat some greek yogurt and granola if I’m hungry. I should not be eating a large dinner 45 minutes before I  fall asleep. Which is why it is important to wake up early and eat breakfast before I leave the house. THAT part was the hardest. Rather than hit’n snooze, I actually had to get up and make an egg with toast and almond butter.

But it paid off, and I’m finally back on track. I like to workout Monday, Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat. The Doc suggested, just do it every other day, let your muscles heal and rest, so they can be stronger and essentially, burn more calories. So thats what I did!

I’ve recently changed up breakfast from granola (which is has the nutritional factors of a glorified candy bar) to greek yogurt and almonds. Very delicious.

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