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“If you wouldn’t eat it, then you shouldn’t put it on your face”

Posted Mar 21 2013 8:03pm

By Amanda Clegg .


Last month my blog focus was on eco and ethical fashion this month we peel off the threads and go a layer deeper {skin deep} for healthy {organic, no nasties} ethical {not tested on animals} skincare.


Grimes ‘Skin’

My findings throughout many years of trailing and testing loads skincare are, the more pure and
natural the active ingredients, the more effective the product is. I have never experienced an adverse
reaction from naturally derived skin care (of which I have reacted from everyday chemically ridden products).
Noticeable acidity unbalances occur after facials with layers of serums, sprays, masks and moisturisers
have been applied to the skin. I personally have experienced that products with harsh chemical
and synthetic ingredients make the skin weaker and continuous slathering of these products becomes
counterproductive when the results are short-term gain for long term pain.

I now use only a select mix of raw, organic skincare and natural, organic ethical brands
to maintain that all essential radiant glow. As a result I notice daily that my skin is stronger,
smoother, dewy andless prone to break outs.

The ‘if you wouldn’t eat then you why put it on your face’ theory!
The skin is a large porous organ (yes an organ, our largest one actually!) and it soaks up whatever we put on it.
Raw food expert Karen Calabrese professes that everything you put on your skin drops straight into
the blood stream and affects you the same way as food.

Dr. Nancy Lonsdrof, M.D. an lowa-based physician maintains a similar stance stating in the
April 2006 issue of Women’s Health Magazine that “as much as 60% of topical skin-care products are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.
They should be consumed with the same prudence that we use to choose our breakfast cereal.”

This is why we need to take an inside out and outside in approach to our skin regimes and food intake.
Furthermore a healthy digestive system will reflect well on the surface of the skin,
but that’s another topic for another time.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of dollars on skincare products you can
get back to raw basics just the way nature intended.

Knowing the intelligence and genius of nature’s rules, you can back to
raw beauty basics with the following ‘skin food’:

BEEloved Honey

BEEloved Honey

Cleanse your skin with hydrating anti-bacterial/viral/fungal organic raw honey which has the added bonus of tasting yummy around your lips! Honey is fantastic for people with sensitive/allergic skin or acne as its pH levels are very close to your own skin’s natural pH, however it is still slightly acidic which makes it excellent for combating bacteria. If you still want your cleanser in a nice little bottle then I would recommend Prada Lab Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser, which I was recently gifted. The cleanser contains prominent bee family ingredients that give a deep clean, leaves your skin moisturised and you can eat it!

Aloe vera, beauty, skincare, coconut, health

Aloe Vera is nature’s miracle plant. Soothe any inflammation/sunburn and tone with Aloe Vera, which is referred to in raw food circles as ‘Natures Botox’. I layer it on thick at night like a mask and let the aloe and sleep work its restoration and repair magic on my skin. Aloe can also be consumed as a tonic to soothe upset stomachs thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.


My personal obsession with all things coconut extends to oil for skincare. Coconut oil is regarded as the all in one miraculous solution for skin and it absorbs into the dermis beautifully. Some of its most impressive beneficial properties include a moisturiser, antibiotic, multivitamin, multi-nutrient, nourishing, anti-aging, anti wrinkle and finally an anti-oxidant! All in all coconut oil does a darn fine job of keeping skin looking hydrated and youthful.


Lemon is a great toner and acne eradicator and detoxifier (wish someone told me that during puberty blues).I slice a section of lemon and use as a deodorant, it’s a little sticky, however it works a treat all day long and doubles as a detoxifier should you have a hangover!

The skincare industry bombs us with an overwhelming product minefield and knowing not all products are created equal here are my top products picks:

Bee-Yummy-Skin-Food (Best product vote)
Kora (rose oil is fabulous for that instantaneous luminous glow)
Hema (this is a long-time favourite of mine, the pure lavender & avocado cleansing oil
and Millennium Oil straight from my Wellingtonian roots in NZ, works wonders)

Indah coconut oil
John masters organics
Aesop (try the antioxidant facial toner)
Jurlique (I use the rose mist and recently the age defying facial serum and balancing moisturiser
and I’m loving these products so much I’ve noticed a significant difference and glow on the skin
plus strengthening from the serum.)

Aveda (tested a variety of shampoos, conditioners and treatments and also hair dyes).
Grown organic alchemist (exfoliant and Mandarin and Rosemary leaf body lotion,
these are lovely and fresh smelling)
Apivita greek
Korres (currently using lip gloss made from ingredients all made from their own farm in Greece)
Malin and Goetz (modern apothecary)
Elemental Herbalogy

That’s my round up of natural nourishing no nasties skin care for you to consider natural effective alternatives when making your next purchase at the beauty counter, health store or even the supermarket. You can rightly guess next month we explore the miraculous medicinal world of food, because are you what you eat!

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