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“Enjoy Kefir, Feel Ke-Fabulous” – Lifeway Kefir GIVEAWAY!

Posted Sep 06 2012 7:00am

As a self-proclaimed heath and fitness JUNKIE, I am always looking for new products to fuel my active lifestyle.  On a recent visit to my local Market Street , I sampled  Tart & Tangy Original Frozen Kefir  and I was forever intrigued by its utter delicious flavor AND impressive nutrition label.

So what the heck is Kefir?

Kefir is a cultured probiotic beverage similar in taste and texture to drinkable yogurt, and made from milk fermented with kefir cultures. Originating over 2000 years ago in the Caucasus Mountains-where many people live well over 100 years-kefir has been associated with a long list of health benefits. Source

Didn’t know I could get that fancy and historical, did you?! ;)  Anyways, now that you know what KEFIR is–let’s discuss the different kinds!

However you like to get your probiotics, Lifeway has a product for you!

Oh, the possibilities!

Thanks to the wonderful people at Lifeway Kefir , I had the privilege of trying several varieties of this delicious goodness.

As if that isn’t impressive enough, this stuff tastes phenomenal.  I am a frozen yogurt ADDICT and I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth.  This frozen kefir is the perfect combination of tangy and sweet.

Confession: I ate the entire pint the first night I bought it.  Shhhh, don’t tell.  But compared to your “average” pint of ice cream weighing in at 600+ calories, I downed less than 400 calories and had all the benefits of Kefir.  See how I rationalize my indulgences?! ;)

The drinkable kefir serves many purposes.  It tastes great on its own, and it blends PERFECTLY into smoothies.  This will most definitely become a fridge staple.  It’s fun to mix it up and drink my yogurt. :)

It has the consistency of a smoothie, but the flavor of yogurt.  There are so many varieties, and I look forward to trying different drinkable kefirs!

You have to be intrigued by this point; I just KNOW it.  But, now… I plan to turn it up a notch.  Think about your favorite type of greek yogurt and now imagine it in the frozen, dessert form.  What does that leave you with?!  Lifeway Kefir Greek Style Fro-Yo.  I am such a HUGE fan of this.  I love finding desserts that satisfy my sweet tooth and cravings, but pack a punch of nutrition.  As with all of the Lifeway Kefir products, this does just that.  It’s very sweet… but its also tart and tangy like any good fro-yo.  It’s a MUST TRY.

The Greek Style Fro-Yo is very new, and if your area is anything like mine–it isn’t even in stock.  My local Sprouts Farmers Market  exceeded my expectations last week.  I was wandering the frozen aisles aimlessly, and a store employee asked if he could help me find something.  I told him what I was looking for, and he hadn’t heard of it.  He looked up the product and ordered itjust because I wanted it.  How fabulous is that?!  So, if you want something… bring it to a store attendant’s attention and see if they can help YOU out.  Stores will work with you; embrace your influence. ;)

While I haven’t had the chance to create too many recipes with this Kefir, I have found many that I want to try in the future.  Check out Lifeway Kefir’s blog for some inspiration.

But now… I obviously want to share the love and give 5 of my lucky readers some FREE Lifeway Kefir.

Even if you don’t win, be sure to sign up for coupons on your next purchase!

Lifeway Kefir Giveaway

Simply follow the instructions in the RaffleCopter entry below and 5 of you will be lucky winners of a pint of FROZEN KEFIR or a carton of DRINKABLE KEFIR (your choice)!  I love my readers and I am so happy to help bring this Kefir to YOUR fridge (and freezer)!

While the product in this review was provided to me free of charge, the opinions stated are my own.  Winners chosen at random.

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