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“365 Days on a Budget” ends – the blog, not the budget

Posted Jul 06 2011 11:30am
Her blog has hosted 900 visitors each month for the past year. Her expert advice has been read by people from 99 countries around the world. But all that ends today when Stephanie Rauterkus posts her final “365 Days on a Budget” blog post.

July 5 – this day in history
  • 1865 – The Salvation Army is founded
  • 1946 – French designer unveils the bikini
  • 2010 – “365 Days On A Budget” blog is born
I know – today is July 6. A counting glitch in the blog system means 365 days of blogging began July 5, 2010 but ends July 6, 2011.

So what did we learn over the past 365 days?

“My number one piece of advice is to be aware,” says Rauterkus with the UAB School of Business . “Writing this blog meant I had to focus every day and that is what people need to do with their budget. You will make mistakes – we are human – but if you are aware you can recover and learn from those mistakes.”

Rauterkus says in the last half of the past year people would say her writing was more personal and less finance. Her response: how you live is how you finance.

“My top accomplishment was understanding my relationship with my money and taking over that relationship. My advice is to know yourself, know your management style and choose what best fits your needs to make your budget work. ”

So how will it end?

We can tell you there will be no gifts, no splash and nothing over the top. Rauterkus believes small can be just as meaningful and thoughtful as big. She wants her blog to end the same way it began – quietly.

To see her goodbye check out the final “365 Days on a Budget” blog post.
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