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8 Week Challenge Answers

Posted Mar 24 2013 1:27pm

Here's a few answers to some of your questions about the Challenge that begins tomorrow (Monday)!  Let me know if  you want to join!

Welcome!!  I am SO excited about the 8 weeks I've mapped out for us!  This is NOT a DIET - I will not be asking you to weigh yourselves and share your weight.  That is completely up to you.  This is simply a plan with tools to encourage you to do something good for yourself every day.  If weight loss is a side effect of eating cleaner and becoming stronger then it's an added bonus.  My goals is for you to feel good on the inside and out.  To feel your BEST!

The FOOD JOURNAL is for your own records.  Studies show that this is the best way to develop healthy eating habits.  You  may be surprised at what actually goes into your mouth each day! 

The MIX AND MATCH MEALS are for your convenience.  Feel free to mix and match at your whim.  They are suggestions and ideas for your to draw upon.  They are all based on about 400 calories for meals and about 150 -200 calories for snacks.

I'm not going to tell you to give up your alcoholic beverages.  I ask you to be smart depending on your goals.  Skip the snack for a glass of wine or at dinner skip the carbs.  You can still lose weight/be healthy.  This is the REAL WORLD.  A little Celebration is good for the soul! 

Have a TREAT MEAL each week.  One day a week eat what you really want.  Make it special.  Make it delicious.  Enjoy!  Then MOVE ON.

WORKOUTS are laid out for your convenience.  You will get descriptions, explanations and suggested reps and weights.  Depending on your fitness level you will want to gear them to you and your goals. HOWEVER, you DO want to get out of your COMFORT zones at times!  Workouts are to be manageable, flexible and NOT burdensome!  No workout is over 50 minutes!  Some may only take 20 minutes!

CHALLENGES are issued weekly.  Keep track of your challenges.  I will ask for reports to enter you into a weekly  drawing!  The more participants the better the drawings!

Whew!  That's it for now!  Some of  you have received your food journal,  Week 1 Workouts and Mix and Match Meals.  Along with that you have received your

The Fee for the Challenge is $25.00.  You may pay via PayPal or contact me.  If you are interested in joining leave a comment below or send me an email at  Once in the group: 

Check your emails and my Marla Deen Fit facebook page for tips and info throughout the Challenge!

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