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8 Sneaky Foods that Contain Meat

Posted Sep 18 2010 4:57pm

I love doing what I call the vegan “boo-yah.” When people say, “not eating meat must be impossible,” I remind them that the Oreos they had for lunch or the Cocoa Puffs they had for breakfast were, surprise, vegan! (Although not very healthy). On the flip side, every so often there are certain products that seem to be veg-friendly, but decide to throw things like beef fat in for good (or, err, bad) measure.

Case in point: recently posted a list of “8 Foods You Didn’t Know Contained Meat.” The list includes: BBQ Baked Lays (some kind of chicken flavoring), Parmesan Cheese (not vegan but also contains rennet= the stomach of newborn calves.), Worcestershire Sauce (some varieties contain anchovies. As do some Caesar salads!), Velveeta (I always hated Velveeta anyway, but Kraft has confirmed some of their products also contain baby cow stomachs), Minute Maid Juices fortified with Vitamin D (contains lanolin, an oil secreted by sheep), Altoids (gelatin made from the collagen inside animals’ skin and bones. Also: JELLO and JELLO products), Guinness (contains isinglass from fish bladders. For vegan-friendly drinking see ) and Smarties (Purple smarties are dyed using carmine, which is taken from cochineals (beetle-like insects). Also look out for Red 4 – that’s carmine, too.)

My tip for new budding veggies/vegans: always check the label. Really, the best foods are those that are all-natural, with minimal ingredients. If you can’t figure out if it’s vegan or not, it’s probably not worth eating anyway.

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