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8 Simple, Low cal salad dressings

Posted Apr 01 2012 12:00am

So you think salad is boring? I promise you it will not be anymore!

The problem with many shop bought salad dressings is that they are fattening, full of preservatives and generally taste so good that you tend to use too much. Of course, they taste so good because they’repacked full of salt (which elevates your sense of taste) and lots of flavourings. Hardly an ideal part of a balanced diet.

With Summer just around the corner, I’ve decided to let you in on a few simple salad dressings which you can just pour from a jar or quickly make at home, knowing full well what they contain and adding heaps of flavour to your food.

Add a tablespoon of any of these to your salad for some added zing.

This one is currently my favourite. Add it to any salad you like, be it poultry or fish, it tastes delicious. Making it is simple, really simple. See  Summer Salad Dressing Recipe

Look for a dark green coloured oil, one which is not light and runny. I use my dad’s olive oil, grown on an organic farm in the Mediterranean, so I’m lucky.

A good bottle of real virgin olive oil will not come cheap, but remember you will NEVER use this oil for cooking, just for your dressings.

A nice dark balsamic vinegar goes lovely with any salad

Add a squeeze of lemon juice to a summer salad of mixed green leaves, it really tastes yum.

Yes, it is not only for pasta. I love mixing my own home made pesto sauce onto chicken salad or even with tuna, it takes the chicken to a whole new level. See Pesto Recipe

Delicious and light as long as you use light yogurt of course. I love this with chicken. See Sour Yogurt Recipe

sour yogurt dressing

Delicious as a spread, great as a dressing, but be careful not to use too much as chickpeas are great for energy by high in calories. See Hummus Recipe

It is citrusy yet fruity, giving you that bittersweet taste.  Apple cider vinegar goes great with all kinds of salad, but I love it with chickpeas, onions, tomato and green pepper salad.


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