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8 'signs' you've just run your first ultra marathon...

Posted Jun 14 2013 10:20am
One of my favourite things about running a race is seeing the signs that people bring to cheer us runners on.  I love them all.  The serious ones "You can do this Mom!".  The weird ones "The honeybadger is chasing you!".  Even the ones not meant for me "Run Suzanne Run!".  I get so pumped by seeing the signs that in that moment, I'm Mom, I'm Suzanne, it doesn't matter, it feels like they're all out there for ME.

No matter what those signs say, they make me feel awesome and put a little pep in my step.  I even saved the very first sign my niece made for me for a half marathon a couple years ago...

I keep my "Go Nikki Go!" sign in my home gym to cheer
me on during those dull treadmill runs
You can probably imagine then, how much it meant to me to find my friends and family along the route at Run for Water with a whole bunch of their own signs!

1.  Nothing is worse than when people shout "You're almost there!" when you really aren't - I love my sister's honesty in that first one!

3.  This one definitely made me laugh when I saw it.  Somewhere along the line my sister and I started referring to each other as our "seesters" so it brought a smile to my face to see her waving that one around with a bit of pride...

4.  And well, we all know about my unnatural love of fries...

5 & 6.  These two brought tears to my eyes because they are true.  We all worked so hard to train ourselves for this run but we all pushed ourselves harder than ever before because it would be making such a huge difference in someone else's life.  Koshale is the name of the village that we were able to provide an entire clean water system for.  It's amazing what you find you're capable of when you're doing it for the right reason!

7.  My friends Solana and Dianna also got in on the sign action and prepared their own sign.  Fries, chips, cupcakes!  Nothing makes this girl's heart race and feet move like those three things!  I think the whole team got a laugh running in to this rest stop to these two signs waving around.

8.  And lastly, probably my favourite.  We all felt so amazing rounding the corner and approaching the finish line but seeing my mom and dad holding this one brought even more tears to my eyes.  I've come a long way since I started running and all of those emotions were kind of wrapped up in that one sign...

At Run for Water having my friends and family out there with me that day made such a huge difference.  Their cheers and these signs will forever be part of my first ultra marathon memories because they made me smile at the start, boosted my spirits when I was feeling tired and brought tears to my eyes as I crossed the finish line.

I hope you enjoy these signs as much as I did and every sign at any race you run.  It's amazing what a little cheering can do!
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