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8 Miles!

Posted Oct 15 2010 4:00am

Hi friends,

This run has been a long time coming. I have been ready and wanting to break through my longest run for a long time. Last weekend in Dallas , I ran 6.5 outside and it was good. And realizing that I don’t have that many weekends left to increase my miles, I had a little “now or never” moment and decided that it’s time to pick it up for real!

This is also the first time ever that I have run long distances so close together (within a week). Legs are ok, so let’s keep it like that.

8 Mile Run:

On Thursday morning, I had two pieces of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter and raspberries, coffee, and water before I left.

I filled up my Camelbak water bottle and added 3 Shot Blocks to the pocket on the bottle wrapped in foil. I also didn’t know the best way to carry these (ziploc or saran or foil, but this worked.) Also had my new Garmin (love!) with heart rate monitor, iPod, hat, tape on my leg, plus clothing. I feel like I had a bomb on me or something with all the things I have to carry now.

I really wanted to hit 8 without walking but would settle for hitting 7 and adding some walking. But no need for that, I ran it all!

Here are my stats:

Split Time Distance Avg Pace
Summary 01:36:41 8.00 12:03
1 00:11:55 1.00 11:53
2 00:12:00 1.00 11:56
3 00:12:00 1.00 11:59
4 00:11:47 1.00 11:47
5 00:12:47 1.00 12:45
6 00:11:58 1.00 11:56
7 00:12:02 1.00 12:02
8 00:12:07 1.00 12:12

About the Garmin:

This was my first time using it for a run with the foot pod. The pod is amazing, it is extremely accurate, and you’ll never lose a signal because it’s not related to a satellite. I was a little worried about picking the right watch (there is one fancier one above this and then they get real fancy), but this is perfect for me. It has up to 5 screens and I use two on auto-rotation. One screen shows heart rate, calories, and miles per hour. The other shows time I’ve been going, distance I’ve gone, and pace. All are customizable.

It also auto-laps on each mile and beeps at me. I love that part. It’s like we’re friends. I don’t have to push “lap” when I hit a mile. When I came home, I plugged it in to the computer and got to see my splits and graphs of time, heart rate, and cadence. I like the heart rate monitor more than I thought I would. I maintained a HR around 160.

Anyone know what’s ideal or rules about heart rate while distance running?

To compare, I wore it to Crossfit on Wednesday and my max was 180 while we did the workout of the day. And the day before that, I wore it to the gym for crosstraining on the elliptical and Stairmaster, and my max was around 160 on Stairmaster and 120 on elliptical.

The Garmin also told me I burned 828 calories with an average pace or 12:04/mile. It’s not an ideal pace, but I’ll work on that when training for the next race. However, my pace was very steady which is good.

About the fuel/water:

I took my first Shot Block around mile 4.5 I think, and then had another about a mile later, and then another a mile later. I loved the flavor! I think it is Strawberry. I ate the first one walking and then the other two jogging. Those are a keeper. Taste like thick gummy bears.

I drank all my water (about 25 ounces) and needed more, but waited until I got home. I considered asking someone for water to fill my bottle from their hose but decided that would be sketchy. During the Half Marathon, I may count on Mommy to hand me a bottle halfway through. (Hi Mom.)

How do you manage water and food? Where do you put it?

About my clothing:

Hey, it’s important too. I wore a Dry Fit Nike hat and it was perfect. Never came off, felt great, and blocked the sun. Love that. Everything else worked fine. I am now wearing Lululemon cropped leggings on long runs because Nike shorts were getting in the way. And I taped up my right shin, which felt fine and didn’t come off. I now think this injury is superstitious. My right hip always hurts, but not while running.

There’s a little review of 8.0! I hope increasing in the future feels as great. I was ready to be done at 8, but we’ll worry about that next time.

For my celebratory lunch, I had the BEST sandwich in town from Stone Mill Bakers. I just wrote about how much I love them after a great run.

Turkey with Cheese, Sprouts, Avocado on Whole Wheat

They have the best and biggest samples. Cinnamon roll with Raisins! Not the Larabar flavor cinnamon roll, the real stuff.

And a ginger cookie. I only had a bite and took the rest home. The cinnamon roll sample became my dessert.

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