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79 cent gum!

Posted Jan 19 2010 12:00am
Sooo... today I went on my daily Walgreens trip with my co-worker Becky and we discovered a terrible Valentine’s Day candy disappointment (actually she discovered it and brought it to my attention which made me want to blog)

The yummy heart shaped Valentine's Day candy made by the brand Necco does NOT make the hearts anymore. Does anyone know what I'm talking about here? The chalky not too sweet or too sour candy now comes in flavors (ie lemon, orange, blue raspberry, apple, strawberry etc). Nasty flavors! What have they done to our favorite V-day candy!??

We decided to opt for Sugar Free Sweethearts that are only 70 calories for the entire package- they are just okay, a little sour (I am not a fan of sour candy), and don't have the chalky constancy that I am used to. FYI DON'T TRY THE RED FLAVOR!

Does anyone know where to find the Necco "chalky" Valentine’s Day hearts that we are used to chomping on since we were kids?!???!!!! I repeat CHALKY!!!!!!!!!
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