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7 things you will never see a nutritionist buy, eat or drink

Posted Sep 28 2012 1:36am


A couple of weeks ago I was on the streets, running around the city center on different appointments when my bladder decided it is time to pay a visit to the ladies room. No big surprise here, since I drink 2-3 liters of water daily. But then, the problem came – the only option in plain view was a McDonalds restaurant…

A moment of hesitation… “What if somebody sees me going in or out of this place? Is there anything I can not allow myself to buy, eat or drink?“ And right then, in this moment, the answer for me was clear as day – yes, it is. And it is not only some fast food chain, but a lot more…

~ soda, pop-drinks, diet drinks etc artificial, store bought drinks. It is one of the biggest No-No’s for a healthy living lifestyle. Most of those drinks are full packed with up to 10 tsp of sugar, different chemical colorings and E numbers. Not to mention the number of calories they add to your every day diet…

~ trans fats. Of course, you won’t see me lined up in the nearest supermarket with a bottle of refined oil or margarine, but there is still one big problem with trans fats – eating out. Even some of the best restaurants in town use them for preparing food for the obvious reason – it is cheap, much more cheaper than anything else. So, what to do when visiting a new restaurant – always ask for the bottle of olive oil, so you can dress your salad by your own and skip the fast foods, even the ones with national meals.

~ fast foods like McDonalds, KFC, Burger king, etc. I believe there is no explanation necessary on this one.

~ seitan. Ok, now I’ve hit a nerve for the biggest part of the vegan society. But, I have 2 very serious reasons for skipping seitan. First of all, it is made from pure gluten (read this one again, if you wonder what’s the big deal with gluten these days). And secondly, I really don’t understand why people deciding to go off meat need a meal that tastes like meat? I mean, I don’t eat meat and I don’t crave it, do you?

~ foods, seasonings or anything with MSG. I want my brain thinking clearly at all times, thank you so much.

~ store bought dressings and seasonings. Again, the situation here is like the pop-drinks. Lots of salt, sugar, chemicals and calories.

~ microwave foods like pizza, pasta, breaded something or just about anything store bought that needs only baking or microwaving. The reason is they are again full packed with strange substances with names you can’t pronounce, and I’m a true believer in the home made meals. Everything should be made from scratch, including pizza dough if I want to have one at home.

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