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7 Strength Training Tips for Women (guest post)

Posted Jan 03 2013 8:30am

I can hardly believe it’s already 2013! It’s nuts. Are you one of the millions who have made a New Years resolution to lose weight? Or get fit? Or just generally get healthier? I did! Thankfully, I did the same last year and I actually stuck with it and went through with it. This year, I am making the same resolution and planning on sticking with it as well. I want to get more fit and healthier :) If exercise is of priority to you, I thought this post would be perfect to help out with getting the most out of your strength training. So without further ado, I give you Ken’s article on great strength training tips for women:


If you want a hot body, losing weight is only half the battle. Strength training not only gives you toned muscles, but it can also help your body burn more calories and keep you walking straighter and sitting taller. If you want to tone and strengthen without building huge muscles, here are a few tips to give you a shapely figure without bulking up.

  1. Lift three times a week to see maximum impact on your muscles. Three is an optimal number – fewer workouts are not enough, but more workouts wont’ give your body time to recuperate between lifting and can lead to injury.
  2. Choose your weight wisely and be smart about your lifting. Experts say that choosing free weights let you work many muscle groups at once and being more effective with your workout time, whereas weight machines only work one muscle group at a time, which actually lengthens the time of your workout.
  3. Increase your weight over time. Muscle strengthening works because using weights breaks down the fiber in your muscle, and it rebuilds stronger than before. If you keep the same weight each time, your muscles become conditioned to the weight and will no longer “tear” – which means they will no longer rebuild even stronger. The repetitions you are able to do with your weights should determine if you’re ready to move to the next size.
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