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7 Steps to a 7 Day Cleanse

Posted May 17 2012 8:22am


Participating in a week long cleanse can help to rid your body of the toxins that are built up over time by eating processed and fatty foods. This can impact how efficient your body’s organs are as well as jump start your metabolism. How to tackle the cleanse can be a challenge, however. Refer to the seven simple steps below to enable yourself to partake in the cleanse successfully and with ease.

Choose a Cleanse

There are a variety of cleanses to choose from, such as a master cleanse, a juice cleanse, a raw foods cleanse, or simply a cleanse of your own design. A cleanse should eliminate all fatty and processed foods and can target specific items, such as a cleanse where gluten, processed sugar, meat and/or dairy products are eliminated. Consider your lifestyle and your personal strengths and limitations when choosing a cleanse that works for you and has the highest possibility of success.

Prepare a Menu

Setting a menu for yourself for each day of the week helps to remove the guesswork for the cleanse and allows you to prepare. A menu can serve as a roadmap for the cleanse that eliminates scrambling to throw together a meal that follows the cleanse rules. Plan out three meals a day for each day of the cleanse. Set aside recipes for each meal so that you are prepared for each day. Don’t forget to include snacks for each day that are cleanse friendly. This helps to remove the temptation to cheat on the cleanse.

Stock (or un-stock) Your Refrigerator

Plan out a cleanse shopping trip in the days before the cleanse begins. Having everything you need on-hand can make tackling your already set aside recipes that much easier. Fill the refrigerator with cleanse friendly snacks as well, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, that you can grab on the go. You may also want to consider removing food items that do not suit the cleanse, such as meats, dairy products and especially junk foods, such as chips and cookies. If you do not want to waste food, consider freezing meats for after the cleanse is completed. You can also donate unopened foods to a local shelter or food bank. If others in your household are not participating in the cleanse, try moving all the non-cleanse food to a separate drawer in your refrigerator or cupboard so you do not constantly see them.

Prep Foods

Preparing as much of the foods in your recipes as possible beforehand makes following the cleanse day-to-day even easier. Slice up fruits and vegetables you have planned for the next day’s salads and smoothies the night before. Prepare and pack your lunch the day before as well, in addition to any snacks you have planned. This enables you to make a quick breakfast and be out the door with your prepared lunch without having to get up any earlier to prepare it, which could become a deterrent. By prepping, you help remove any excuses for cheating on the cleanse.

Incorporate Exercise

Exercise can be a crucial complement to a cleanse. Set aside time each morning, night or even on your lunch break to take a walk. Even simple and quick exercise integrated into your day can be helpful. For example, opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. Intentionally park your car far away from entrances to get in a few extra steps. Look up classes at your local gym, such as yoga or Pilates, to complement the week long cleanse. Once hooked, you may even continue these new exercise habits after the week long cleanse has completed.

Make Water Accessible and Appealing

Water is a critical component for every cleanse. Drinking eight to 12 glasses a day can help you to flush toxins from your body more effectively and also stay hydrated. By being adequately hydrated, you will likewise feel better throughout the day. Exercise will be easier and you will also feel better as a whole. Fill a large water bottle every morning to keep with you throughout the day. You could also freeze water bottles each night for ice cold beverages throughout the following day. Make water more appealing by adding slices of cucumber, lemon or lime to it.

Monitor Results

Keeping a journal of your results can help to keep you motivated. Likely, the first couple days of the cleanse will be the most difficult. You may feel tired and irritable as your body adjusts to the new foods and lack of caffeine. As the days progress, however, you will likely feel more alert and energized. By journaling about your progress you can help keep record of the journey that you can use as inspiration and motivation for your next cleanse. You may also want to keep a daily tally of your weight, if weight loss is one of your goals. This can also serve as a motivating factor for this cleanse as well as future cleanses. Tracking bowel movements can also be helpful. Cleanses help aid the body in digestion and help eliminate digestive issues. By monitoring this trend as well, you can help yourself to fully see the impact of the cleanse on your body.

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