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7 Non-Standard Rules for Success

Posted May 10 2013 10:05pm

Posted in | May 7, 2013 |


By guest author Roman Soluk

how to be successfulWhen entering into adulthood, you find a catch: not everything that you learn at school is useful. Hard working is not a sign of good work, and it’s almost useless to learn from the mistakes of others. Success often reaches people going against the rules. So, today I provide you several non-standard principles of achieving success, which are not taught at school.

1. Fears are useless
Just imagine how much energy and emotions you spend on pointless worries about something that will never happen. Let’s be honest: you can not prevent everything. And your anxiety is certainly not going to help. If you are afraid of exotic flu – get vaccinated, you are afraid of accidents on the roads – use a subway.
Remember that anxious people are more susceptible to diseases and more likely to feel miserable – even when there are no real reasons for worries.

2. Laziness is useful
There’s no laziness at all. There is either a lack of motivation – and that means that you are facing the goals you’re no interested in. Then why do you need them? Or there’s the lack of energy – in this case, you have to go on a vacation or to the doctor. Everyday laziness can be anything from the need to rest, because the brain is overloaded and can not operate effectively, to the symptoms of illness.
Laziness may be a signal to your brain that it needs a rest in order to solve a problem. When your brain is released from all tasks for a while, then it will work much better. So, sometimes healthy laziness isn’t as bad as it may seem.

3. Mistakes and failures are fine
Unfortunately, as a kid your parents taught you that mistakes are bad. Why “unfortunately”? Because mistakes are just a collection of the necessary experience.
How to find out what’s wrong or right, if you don’t make a mistake? Mistake is just correction of a route on the way to your goals, and not a disaster. If you make a mistake you receive and understand the experience and now it’s easier for you to find the shortest path to the solution. Fear of mistakes, however, paralyzes and interferes with achieving your goals.

4. Don’t forget about your dreams
In your everyday life you easily forget about your dreams . For example, early in your career you’ve been dreaming to have a rest at the seaside. And now you’re working in the office, it seems that everything is good… But when you have the opportunity to go on a vacation, your first thought is: “How can I leave my work?” “Who will do all this instead of me?”.
Maybe in a few years, your goals have changed, and now you want a career growth. Or maybe you just forgot about your dreams. The man who forgot his dream is becoming like a squirrel in a cage. If you don’t seek for anything, then why should you run?

5. Specify your desires
Put down your dreams in a diary. If your desire is material, list the budget: how much money is needed for its implementation? Let it be a huge sum for you right now, just don’t panic and don’t worry. Now you just have to specify your dreams.
With the help of this method you imagine your desire in detail and help your brain to visualize it. And as you already may know, visualization is a powerful tool for achieving goals.

6. Communicate
A sense of friendly support is indispensable. In addition, any new acquaintance can be potentially useful for your business. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Throw away unnecessary shyness: experience shows that each person thinks a lot more about themselves than about you. Show the person that you are glad to be in his company. Be open and friendly – think of anyone as if it were your best friends. People who have been comfortable in your presence, won’t forget you.

7. Stop comparing yourself to others
This is the waste of time, which takes away your power and energy. We are not equal from birth – according to our possibilities, economic status, physical appearance. Whether you like it or not, but you can’t change it. So it makes sense to compare your present and past. How you have changed in the last two or three years, what you have achieved or lost. Such a mental exercise is much more useful than endless torment “Why I’m not like her?”


Remember that no matter where you are from, what your nationality is, what parents you have, you still can achieve your success. Everything starts within your mind. First of all you should change your mindset, your habits and attitude to life. Just believe in yourself and don’t forget to act.

Roman Soluk is the author and editor of Optimistic Life blog. He dedicated his personal life and work to positive living and optimism. Get in touch with him on Google+ .

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