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7 Minute Workout Review

Posted May 15 2013 4:20pm
Have you heard about the new Scientific 7-Minute Workout?  It's the newest rage in the health world.  The workout recently appeared in the New York Times and a then a developer named Will Wilson turned it into a web app.  Talk about a convenient way to get a workout in regardless of where you are!  Pretty smart!  The workout is straightforward and uncomplicated.  The science behind it is the use of using HIIT, high-intensity interval training. 

I've talked about using HIIT training for all of its benefits. Alternating bursts of short, all out effort, followed by a recovery period of lower intensity burns more calories in a shorter amount of time, making it an effective and effecient way to work out.  I use this method twice a week teaching a bootcamp style class and it's such a great way to get all aspects of fitness covered - cardio, resistance and flexibility training.  

Last night The Husband and I were talking about the news story on the 7-Minute Workout and he said we should try it.  So, that's just what we did.  Now, picture this.  He is in his shorts and t-shirt, but barefoot.  I am barefoot and in jeans and a t-shirt.  Not the best workout gear but that didn't stop us.  Since all you need for the workout is a chair or something to step up onto the set-up was nothing.  The outline is to do the set moves for 30 seconds followed by 10 second rest and immediately move to the next exercise.  

Grabbing the stopwatch on the IPhone I sat ready to time him and tell him which move to do next.  Here are the moves
The Husband began his barefoot jumping jumps and was all energetic and perky.  The push-ups started making him break a sweat.  The squats were easy.  The tricep dips made him admit he might need a shower.  By the Push-up and rotation he was breathing and a tiny bit winded.  He finished the side planks and was glad to stand up.  His review was that it was a good flow to move most muscles and was surprised by its effectiveness.  It was also a pleasant surprise to see how well he breezed through his push-ups, as opposed to a year ago when it wouldn't have been so easy!

He then challenged me to get up and at it.  I went through the moves, in my jeans and barefoot, no less.  The problem on my end was that The Husband hurried me to the next move without the 10 second rest between each move.  Then when I got a little fancy on the side planks and was showing off with leg lifts on each side he kept adding more time to the 30 seconds!  I will admit I broke a sweat and enjoyed going through the moves.  I felt really good afterwards . . . then I realized it was 10 pm!  Past my bedtime!  I knew there was a reason they say not to work out within 2 hours of your bedtime . . . it takes a while to wind down and fall asleep!

What did we think?  We thought it was a great tool to have to be able to get some movement in whereever you are whenever you need.  If  you only have 10 minutes one day, this is the perfect answer.  If you are traveling it's perfect for your hotel room.  If you have been working out some and are fit, then we thought repeating the routine twice more would be a good workout.  If you have been on the couch lately and haven't even thought about exercising, it's a perfect way to get up and move - we can all do something for just 7 minutes!  Plus, the moves are not complicated and are things that are familiar and, if not, can easily be interpreted.  The internet and UTube have great tutorials if you aren't sure about the proper form for a squat, push-up, push-up to rotation or any other move.

After thinking about it a little more today, I also realize that the order of the exercises is also good.  The jumping jacks get you warmed up for the next moves.  The push ups warm the core up for the crunches.  The high knees get your legs going and loose for the lunges.  The side planks at the end are a final punch to the obliques that were worked with the rotations.  All in all it was a good routine to target most muscle groups.  If the core is engaged during the entire time all the better!

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Give it a try!  Take it with you on your summer vacation!   Once again, there's no excuse from getting your workout wherever  you are!

Let me know  your review!  Give it a try! Do you exercise on your vacation?  What do you like to do during a trip to keep  moving?

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