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7 Habits of Healthy People

Posted Apr 08 2013 12:04pm

healthy body That is also the title of this Natural News Article . I wanted to share it and talk a little about my thoughts on habits that create true health. I happen to like and agree with the ones mentioned in the article and if you’re familiar with my Today’s the Day plan you’ll recognize several of the basic, foundational components of my 3D living plan.

First and foremost, whether weight loss is the goal or you have another health goal, nutrition is key. By that I mean focusing your meals around real food as opposed to fake “foods.” Rest and a positive attitude are definitely part of my 3D Living Plan . What I felt was missing were detox and exercise. We live in such a toxic world – physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually – we need to intentionally cleanse regularly.

Exercise, whether you want to lose weight or not, is important to real health. Our bodies were made to move, not sit still all day. We have around 650 muscles for a reason. There are so many positive benefits of regular exercise that I won’t list them all here. But one study I read about even mentioned that when a person’s internal clock is broken, which causes all kinds of serious problems, one of the most effective ways to reset it is to exercise. That’s actually HUGE since your liver’s clock regulates genes that control the timing of your metabolism of fat, glucose and cholesterol. While you can’t control what genes you’re born with, you can help control their expression. This research shows that exercise is one of the most effective ways to do that.

There are certainly other habits I would recommend making part of a healthy lifestyle, but those are basic in my book.

What are your core healthy habits?

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