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7 Awesome Strategies to Live a Balanced Life

Posted Mar 14 2011 2:50pm

Today I would like to introduce new contributors to the BalanceInMe blog. I believe that their writing and personal experience will enrich the collection of practical life balance tips on this blog. I know that you want to learn more about the contributors that is why I asked them two most interesting questions in my opinion
What is life balance for you?

What is your personal strategy for achieving life balance?

Let’s see what they have to say about it.

1. Lori Lynn Smith

Lori Lynn Smith is a passionate and an authentic teacher who shares her real life experiences about creating a more nurturing and fulfilling lifestyle. On her blog LoriLynnSmith you can follow along while Lori continues on the path of transformation from Chaos to Calm.

What is life balance for you?

Life Balance for me was a decision that turned into an ongoing feeling, a wonderful feeling. Sometimes it is the same as sinking under your comfy covers on a cold winter morning. Sometimes it is walking on the beach while you watch the sun come up in the early morning peacefulness. It is always the decision to live your live with tranquility as your personal core.

What is your personal strategy for achieving life balance?

I started my personal journey to life balance by choosing to make self care a lifestyle. My most important strategy was changing my mindset to give myself permission to put ME first. I was then able to create time and space in my schedule and life for activities that were specifically for nurturing my body, mind and soul.

2. David Tiong

David Tiong is an Australian minimalist freedom blogger, author of the blog – Listen Feel Breathe , on the journey to find the path of freedom because too much in life holds us back and too many people are unhappy.

What is life balance for you?

When I find the time to do the things in life that I value, when I reach the end of the day and feel a deep sense of satisfaction, when I look back on what I have been involved in and smile, then I know that I have found balance in life.

What is your personal strategy for achieving life balance?

Achieving a balance in life requires a determined effort to focus on what we feel is important to us. Balance doesn’t happen by mindlessly going from day to day, completing whatever tasks are set before us or doing whatever is required for us to live. We must actually allocate time regularly to stop, think, listen, feel and breathe- reflect on what is happening in your life. If you are not living the life that you want to, then decide to make a change. Follow this up with action, take the first steps, and start moving in the direction that you want. Don’t expect it to all fall into place perfectly the first time- it takes patience and persistence. But don’t expect it to happen at all, if you don’t start acting today.

3. Caryn Statman

Caryn Statman is a 30-something daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend, friend, and wannabe mother of a dog. Professionally, she helps college students figure out their careers and majors, while personally, trying to find balance in her own life. She blogs about all of these things at Balance Overload

What is life balance for you?

Life balance, for me, is doing all that you want to do – and having the energy left to feel excited about it! I do not believe that balance necessarily means “equal.” Much like a seesaw, sometimes one priority is way up high while something else is taking a back seat, but still keeping you anchored so you don’t come crashing down. And for me, that’s how I like it.

What is your personal strategy for achieving life balance?
I strive to achieve balance by not necessarily taking anything away, but finding what it is that energizes me most and making sure it is incorporated into my daily life. As it turns out, I like life a little over-scheduled. I enjoy the freneticism of a hectic day. I don’t want to lose these things, I only want to accompany them with areas that refresh me. These areas are fluid and can change as my life changes, underscoring the idea that striking the perfect balance is a lifelong quest.

4. Samantha Nolan-Smith

Samantha Nolan-Smith spent a decade working in public policy on addressing the disadvantage of Aboriginal people in Australia. Eventually chronic fatigue brought her to an abrupt standstill and caused her to reassess her life. With very few answers forthcoming from the western medical profession, she delved into meditation, yoga, energetic and emotional healing techniques and ultimately, found her way to living her life’s passion. She now teaches others to do the same on her blog Dakini Grace

What is life balance for you?
For me, life balance is not a formula. It’s living in a way that’s most natural to you, which listens to and respects the body, as well as the heart. It’s being connected to nature and spirit and being guided by them, rather than being guided by the mind’s ideas of what ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ happen.

What is your personal strategy for achieving life balance?

I stay connected my breath, my heart, my soul. I allow these parts of me to guide my days. I start each morning asking, ‘what is the highest and best for this day?’ and I follow the intuition or guidance I receive. Invariably this leads me along the most efficient and effective path toward the attainment of my goals and, as a consequence, leaves me more time to spend with loved ones and on creative endeavors.

The most important thing to know about this approach is that it requires trust. Truckloads of it. You need to know in your being that the universe is conspiring to support you in every moment. It takes time and personal investigation to discover the truth of this. I look forward to exploring this with you in more detail in my posts, but suffice to say, it requires putting aside my thinking mind – which assumes it has all the answers – and following a quieter instinct.

In order to stay connected with my breath, my heart and my soul I spend time in meditation and doing yoga, I surround myself with people I love and I spend my days on growing a business which is an expression of the things I’m most passionate about in life.

5. Jason Billows

Jason Billows is the creator and writer of Stop & Breathe , a blog dedicated to savoring life one breath at a time. Jason believes that by slowing down, reflecting, learning and focusing on what is truly important to us, we can create happy, healthy, balanced and fulfilling lives. Stop & Breathe provides insights, information, inspiration and tools to help readers create the life they’ve always dreamed of.

What is life balance for you?

For me, balance means nurturing all areas of my life that I feel are important. That includes family, friends, health, career, creativity and spirituality. If any one of those areas is neglected, it will invariably have negative affects on the other important areas of my life. I believe we need to invest time and energy into all areas of life on a regular basis in order to stay balanced.

What is your personal strategy for achieving life balance?
My first rule… love lots! It is my family and friends that remind me why life is so precious. Without them, there would be no balance, so I always make them a priority. After that, I try to focus on healthy living. Yoga, triathlon, meditation and healthy eating habits keep my body strong and my mind focused, which helps me to be a better husband, father and friend. That healthy lifestyle also provides me with the energy and focus to excel in the workplace and be creative.

6. Laura Dickey

Laura Dickey is passionate about sharing hope and empowering individuals, families and businesses to live balanced and successful lives. When she’s not writing or supporting others in their life journeys, she loves to organize, read, be creative and take walks. Read more about Laura here .

What is life balance for you?

Life balance is doing things that make me feel alive and that empower others to be more alive. It’s drinking tea while I reply to a comment on Facebook, observing nature and chatting with a friend, or doing yoga before working with a client. I’m very thankful for the lessons life has already taught me and I’m always looking for more opportunities to learn about balance.

What is your personal strategy for achieving life balance?

I have embraced the wise mantra of Chris and Janet Attwood and The Passion Test which goes “Intention, Attention, No Tension.” My intention is to be healthy, happy and whole. So I bring attention to those intentions in part with yoga, reading, writing, being creative, walking, and sharing hope with others. By planning my life to
incorporate these activities and others, I not only have no tension, I also have balance.

7. Cyndi Rose

Cyndi Rose is a computer “Geek” chick by trade but she loves to write. The well written phrase is able to impart ideas, knowledge, and connection with others. She is grateful for the opportunity to express her personal growth in words which may, hopefully, benefit others at the same time. She shares her insights and ideas on her blog Working It Out .

1. What is life balance for you?

Life balance for me personally is to stay connected to my source and be present in the moment. This is an ongoing battle some days as we all have thoughts parading through our minds as a constant distraction – What happened yesterday, last week, or what will happen tomorrow, next month, etc. It is most important for me to practice lucid living, right here, right now.

2. What is your personal strategy for achieving life balance?

I think simplicity is the best approach. I simply take each day, each thought, each moment as it comes and remind myself that it is NOW that is important, that my life is happening NOW.

I personally can’t wait to read the first posts of our new wonderful contributors. Encourage them by visiting their blogs and living a friendly comment or a tweet. Also please share this article with your friends to inspire them to live a balanced life.

Keep it balanced!

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