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60 minute Tabata Workout.

Posted Mar 04 2013 9:34pm

This workout was a big hit last week, my clients just loved it!  I usually use Tabata intervals throughout class to add cardio and to keep the classes heart rates up.  I decided to mix things up and teach an entire Tabata class. If you haven't heard of Tabata training, you can read more here.  The class consisted of 12 rounds of Tabata (4 min each) with 1 minute active rest intervals between rounds. Active rest can be step-touching in place, just make sure to keep your body upright and attempt to bring your heart rate down slowly.  
The rounds alternate between strength, strength, cardio, and core.  What's great about this workout is all you need is a set of free weights and your smart phone (for your Tabata timer app )​.  
Remember to properly warm-up, cool-down and stretch.  If an exercise does not feel right for your body or fitness level modify or continue to do move with an active rest through the round until you feel ready to join in again. With any of the high intensity exercises you can always choose an alternative, for example plyo lunges can be swapped out for stationary lunges.  LISTENT TO YOUR BODY!  

Plank + Rotation: Start in a plank at center preferably on your hands, rotate your body to the right stacking your feet and raising your right arm up to the ceiling, pause.  Rotate back to center squaring off your body to the ground, pause, then rotate to the other side.
Double Leg Lower: Lying supine (on your back), place hands behind head with your elbows reaching wide.  Curl up to an upper contraction, using your abdominal muscles (not your neck).  Lift your legs to 90 degrees, slowly lower both legs but only lowering as much as you can without going into your low back. Slowly bring the legs back up. Avoid using momentum as you bring the legs back to 90 degrees. Attempt to be as precise as possible as you lift the legs, stopping at 90 not past!

REMEMBER: exercise is only as good as the form you perform it with.

If you aren't sure of an exercise above, please leave a comment and I will get back to you with some notes:-)​

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