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6 Quick Bad Breath Remedies You Can Use When You Eat Out

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:32am 1 Comment
by Morgan Mathers

In life, every person faces one dilemma and no one can escape it: bad breath. We all get bad breath after we eat as well as when we are suffering from a sinus infection or some other illness. In order to get rid of this problem, you will need to know about a few bad breath remedies that you can use no matter where you are.

One herb that works great to get rid of your bad breath is parsley. The reason this works so well is because its leaves are filled with a natural bad breath killer called chlorophyll. When you are out, you can simply eat the parsley that is served with your meal. If you are at home, you can make some mouth wash by cutting up 4 small branches and boiling them in 2 cups of water for 20 minutes. Wait until the water cools, remove the parsley and you will have a natural mouthwash that is just as effective as any sold in the supermarket.

Fenugreek is another herb remedy for removing bad breath. This is an herb that you can drink as a tea to help clear up the bad odor in your mouth. You can brew your own tea by soaking a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in about 1 liter of water for 20 minutes. Then all you need to do is strain the seeds out and drink is as either hot or cold tea.

Baking soda also works well to help get rid of the germs that reside on your tongue. This remedy is the most important because your tongue is the most fertile part of your mouth for germs to live and breed. This will start working instantly to reduce the bacteria that live there. This is easy to use. All you need to do is spread some onto your toothbrush, mix with some warm water and then scrub your tongue.

Myrrh is the greatest bad breath cure because it helps treat so many diseases that can be found in the mouth. It can help cure gingivitis, sinus infections, cold symptoms in the mouth, cold symptoms in the throat, and works great as a gum disease treatment. To use this, just place a drop or two onto your finger and rub it all over your mouth or on the infected area if you have sores. It will taste a bit bitter at first, but the healing effect it has to rid you of bad breath is worth it.

Another food item that can treat your bad breath is the hazelnut, which is also known as the filbert. This tip works great for people who have a busy schedule and are always on the run. This nut actually absorbs the order in your mouth and makes it smell better. All you need to do is carry some with you and eat them slowly when you want to get rid of bad breath.

Lemons are another quick fix when you are eating out and can not brush your teeth. All you have to do is sprinkle a lemon wedge with some salt and then suck it. Many will cringe at this bad breath cure but it is fast and effective at getting rid of the odors from garlic and onions. Just order some water with lemons when you eat out.

Many people find themselves trying to deal with bad breath when they are out and about and have no way to brush. Since many people prefer natural bad breath remedies over conventional expensive methods. Some of these remedies include parsley, fenugreek, baking soda, myrrh, hazelnuts, and lemons. If you ever eaten out without your toothbrush and you wish to conceal your bad breath, then these remedies are for you.

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Great post,on removing the bad breath...I will also suggest you guys to use the baking soda in your toothpaste during brushing your teeths..


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