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6 Positively Powerful tips to Re-ignite Your Excitement about Life

Posted Mar 05 2012 12:00am

“Get excited and enthusiastic about you own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire – you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away.” ~Denis Waitley

I simply love that quote because it reminds me that it’s up to me to make each day and each dream super special. That doesn’t mean that each moment of every day is going to be wonderfully smooth, uneventful, and happy. But it does mean that it is up to me to take action, take charge of each day to make sure I’m excited about being in a whole body and about being alive and kicking and loving. Dreams can become realities when there is enough excitement tied to them. Excitement daily acts like fuel to your Big Big Dreams.

If you’re not as excited about your life as you want to be, take comfort in knowing that increasing the joy in your life is something that you can actually take control of. Becoming motivated, happy, inspired, energized, and fully engaged in your life is definitely possible! When I talk about gaining excitement, it isn’t so much about working to “fix” yourself as it is learning new skills of acceptance, emotional flow, and focusing your efforts on activities that have personal meaning.

There are many acts that support your ability to achieve a higher level of excitement about your own life. Below are several positively powerful places to begin:

1. Simply Stop the Drama
Your excitement about your life emerges as you gain a deeper capacity to accept things as they are right now. Often times when things get rough, it is easy to fall into the worry trap, worrying about the issue, picking at the problem, and conjuring up the worst-case scenario. Intense focus on the problem accelerates negative emotions and stirs up even more chaos.

When you come to the point of acceptance of the situation, it allows you to stop flailing about and see the situation in a new light. Life is an ever-changing flow of loving, moving, breathing and hoping. It includes sorrows and dreams, and the mystery of things actually working out for the best. You’re not facing a particular challenge because you are bad, wrong, or being punished. Instead, you can look at the situation and bring compassion to yourself. Discover if there is something to gain from the experience. Often, a difficult challenge also has within it a transformative power that can assist you in creating a more fully developed life.

2. Allow Emotional Flow
Very obviously, life is not about the absence of emotions. Therefore, allowing yourself to be excited about being alive involves an understanding that joy and sorrow are not a mutually exclusive proposition. Both are possible, and both can occur simultaneously. With this new definition of wholeness, your life journey is no longer about attempting to abolish difficult emotions, but learning new strategies to recognize, accept, and allow emotional flow.

Our emotions have energy, and our big emotions have big energy. A key to allow emotional flow requires learning to accept emotions as they occur while also attaining the ability to stand back and let the emotional energy move on through. I will be the first to admit this is tricky business. It’s so easy to want to resist uncomfortable emotions, suppress them, or get all tangled up in them. Mastering emotional flow means doing what we least want to do – accept emotions, stand behind a short wall, breathe, and let them flow.

3. Just Consciously Breathe
Simple conscious breathing is a vital ingredient in the recipe of an amazingly exciting life. Breath instantly lifts your spirits and clears your mind of negative thoughts and tension. Breath keeps energy moving. In addition, breath is the choice you make to be alive, to be you, and to be connected to your wisdom. Decide to just breathe consciously throughout the day. Several times each hour take several deep, fulfilling breaths, that invigorates your body and rids your body of accumulated heaviness.

4. Practice Optimism
An optimist feels more excited about being alive! If you are not currently an optimistic person, don’t worry – optimism can be learned. After all if the glass is half-empty, then it’s also already half-full. You can teach yourself to see the other side, despite the little setbacks, small adversities, disappointments, frustrations, and letdowns in your everyday experiences. Here are several optimistic thoughts to practice:

  • There is a future, and you will get through this emotion, situation, or experience.
  • Be an understanding friend to yourself when you need it most.
  • Its ok if things didn’t go well today, there’s a lot to be learned from this experience.
  • Somehow everything is going to work out for the best.
  • When life is especially difficult, remember that life happens even to ‘good’ people.
  • Understand that you are part of something bigger.

5. Happily Choose Joy
An excellent starting point, to allow a deeper connection to excitement about your own life, is, to make a conscious decision that you are tired of “working” on your life and “working” on your problems. Decide you want to feel good right now. Then, get busy making simple positive choices that allow you to feel good about yourself today. For example:

  • Lighten up and don’t take yourself so seriously.
  • Schedule time every day for relaxation.
  • Appreciate the love and beauty already in your life.
  • Value your own efforts.
  • Instead of focusing on problems, envision solutions .
  • Always keep your word to yourself.
  • Practice self-supportive thoughts.
  • Learn to breathe consciously and deeply.

6. Following Your Bliss
The great American author/mystic Joseph Campbell told us that the secret of life was to “Follow Your Bliss.” Turns out, he was right. Follow your instincts and choose actions that make you happy – both now and in the long-run. For example, if you’re feeling low and you choose sugary sweet comfort foods to lift your spirits, you may feel good now, but you won’t be feeling so good a little while from now. Following your bliss means looking inside and choosing an action or activity that allows you to feel more alive. Alive with no regrets or undesirable consequences. Choose to spend your time and energy on activities that create a fuller, richer life for your complete being.

“A few minutes ago every tree was excited, bowing to the roaring storm, waving, swirling, tossing their branches in glorious enthusiasm like worship. But though to the outer ear these trees are now silent, their songs never cease.” ~ John Muir

Excitement is something we set forth as a possibility, actively and silently. Then we look for ways to making it happen in every moment.

Actively and silently DECIDE to re-ignite your excitement for life.

I decide everyday to GET Excited and live my life to its fullest potential. On any day, however my day is going, my level of excitement never ceases. Thats the one thing all those how know me notice first about me….’She is so chipper always!” My chipperness/excitement has been the reason for many funny antics which my little one and I laugh at all day. I can be a clown too ;) ooppss I’m kind of one all too often :)

Excitement is infectious too! I’ve often noticed, my level of excitement has been the reason for many others getting up jumping all around with me :) Yes, I do jump for joy way too much…psst I even have that skip in my step!!

What are YOUR thoughts on this exciting topic?
How do you add or re-ignite your excitement daily? Have any exciting tips to share? Do share your tips, thoughts and queries in the comments section below. I’d love to learn from you!

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/ Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath
Holistic Healer/Writer

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