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6 More Reasons I’m Actually Thankful for Life in a Tight Financial Spot

Posted Jun 12 2013 5:43pm

1. I've discovered I actually crave simplicity in my life.

2. Free entertainment is usually what we can afford right now; I've discovered it's some of the best.  We explore the local trails. We go to the playground regularly. We go for walks and take our sweet time taking notice of what's right in front of us (Nolan has certainly helped us out with this one a LOT). We talk to our neighbors and occasionally make treats to deliver to them.

3. We've eaten more meals in homes (ours and otherwise). You know what? A little bit of self-made walls need to come down in order to have someone into your home. It's a beautiful thing; certainly part of the community-glue-at-the-table I'm so fond of.

4. We are at least a bit more empathetic towards people in more difficult situations than ours. We would certainly be having a much more difficult time without the help of our family. How does anyone  get through tough situations or raise kids without support? Somehow they do, and they deserve my support if I can give it.

5. We discovered SWAN adoptions. Both Tim and I want to adopt our next child, but we know there's no way we can afford it. We've been introduced to some great foster-to-adopt programs that will make adoption possible for us.  I'd be proud to be involved even if we did have the cash we need to bring our next kiddo home.

6. Tim and I have had to work as a team in a different way. Of course, there's been some tension and some tough spots. But I think we're continuing to grow stronger as a team.

There is good in every day. Look for it. Life is a whole lot richer that way.

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