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6 Mile Treadmill Run

Posted Nov 20 2012 10:44am

Good Morning!

Gobble, Gobble :) It’s almost Turkey Day!!

Today marks the last day of classes for the week for me! I’m used to having the week off for Thanksgiving, but attending a new school this semester = a new schedule. I technically only have Friday off, but since Thanksgiving is a Thursday and I don’t have classes on Wednesday and Thursday anyway, I get a bit of an extended break! I love Thanksgiving and the mini break that usually comes with it because it marks the beginning of the holiday season – and I LOVE the holidays :)

… and the fact that the semester ends soon is awesome too ;)

Last night marked the end of the season for Girls on the Run. We made our girls little awards and allowed them to sign each others’ like a yearbook – they loved it! They even signed our boards as well – they’re all such adorable little girls and I cannot wait to coach again in the Spring. It’s such a rewarding experience to see these girls cross that finish line, improve throughout the season, and reach the goals they never thought were possible.

Looking forward to the spring season :)


I started off this morning with a great workout! Having to study for my exam tonight has been pretty stressful, so I was more than ready to get in a good run.

I ran the Girls on the Run 5k on Sunday (I don’t know the exact time at all, just wanted to finish so I could see all my little girls cross that finish line – which they did!) and decided to take a rest day yesterday since the course was a bit hilly and my legs needed the rest. When I got up this morning, I was more than ready to get in some miles.

I gobbled down my pre-run snack before heading out the door!

Since the marathon , I’ve been doing lots of easy runs to allow my legs to fully recover. These “easy” runs at times felt difficult since my body was exhausted, but I think my body is finally recovered because today’s run felt GREAT. It was a 6 mile increasing tempo run on the treadmill. I’ve decided to start gradually adding in some speed work to start getting a bit faster so that come January 1, I can be ready for Half Marathon PR training to begin :)

The workout looked a little something like this:

0-1 mi – Increasing warm-up @ 6.0-6.3

1-2 mi @ 6.5

2-3 mi @ 6.7

3-4 mi @ 7.0

4-5 mi @ 6.5

5-6 mi – Cool-down @ 6.3

Followed by an upper body strength workout with my gym buddy!

Throughout the run, I felt pretty good. Each increase felt a little faster and a little more intense, but it felt as though I could’ve increased the speed a bit more. That’s OK though, gradually increasing speed work does not mean jumping the gun to a full out sprints. I’ll work my way up slowly, being careful not to injure myself. Before I know it, I’ll be back to full on speed work with HIIT intervals and sprints. Can ya tell I’m not a huge fan on allowing myself to recover? BUT I know it’s what needs to be done in order to keep running for the rest of my life ;)

I mean, I still have many things to accomplish in my lifetime …

This is definitely my new favorite quote -there’s so much meaning behind it especially if your a runner <3

Post-workout I made my typical meal .. Oats and Coffee!

In the mix: egg white oats (BUT stirred the eggwhites in at the end instead – made them super fluffy!), lactaid cottage cheese and blueberries mixed in with Sunflower butter and pumpkin butter on top – oh and some unsweetened carob chips for good measure ;)

Perfect recovery meal in my book :)

I’m off to study for my exam – it’s on childhood-adolescence nutrition .. wish me luck!

2 days until TURKEY DAY :)  

Question: When/How often do you take a rest day?

I usually try to give myself at least one day a week completely off – it’s tough sometimes, but I know it’s beneficial to my body! I’ll take more if I’m feeling like my body could use it.

~ L

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