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6’s and 7’s

Posted Feb 02 2011 3:18pm

*Did you check out my Honey and Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes ?*

Is it me or is the entire country experiencing some sort of rain, snow, or cold weather?

I went to bed with my A/C on last night and I woke up to a chilly 28 degrees. When you sleep without any pants on (TMI?), it’s really hard to get out bed ;)

I thought winter was suppose to be over?

Since the “feels like” temperature was in the single digits, I hit the treadmill at my apartment complex’s fitness center.

I had a special workout in mind…

6’s and 7’s Hill Workout

  • 90 seconds at 6% incline
  • 1 minute recovery at 1% incline
  • 90 seconds minute at 7% incline
  • 1 minute recovery at 1% incline

Repeat 5-10 times depending on your fitness level.

Between my warm up, hill workout, and cool down, I ended up covering 9.98 miles. It was just what the doctor ordered :)

This workout was extremely tough the last few sets, but it felt so rewarding once I was finally done.

My iPod died the last mile and I didn’t get to finish my playlist :(

I still need to get over the mentality that I don’t need to push myself every day, but some days you just feel like going all out.

No pain no gain right?

Total distance: 9.98 miles

After my run, I also did some stretching, foam rolling, and 30 minutes of core exercises (planks, side planks, superman, and crunches on a stability ball).

I will leave you with my latest obsession…

What is your current obsession?

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