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5K, it's you. Not me.

Posted Mar 16 2013 7:17pm  Update:
3/14/12: 3.43 treadmill run (30 min) and 1.09 puppy walk. 
3/15/13: REST
3/16/13: St. Patrick's Day 5K (3.1 miles in 25:13 min)
Total Miles for Month: 45.97 miles

I've had two junk races in my short running career and both (one of them being this morning) were 5K's. So, I'm blaming all junk races on the 3.1 mile distance. It's just too much for me, I'm a sissy lala. That term is from Monica, one of my favorite bloggers, over at  RunEatRepeat .

I'm the type of runner that likes to go out at 80% and by mile 3 I'm locked in and ready to kill anyone that gets in my way crush the course. Umm, by mile 3 in a 5K I only have a tenth of a mile left to crush and I'm not Usain Bolt. so Houston, we have a problem. 

Today I woke up feeling like a bug in mud. (translation: I didn't/don't feel well.) I still chose to run because sometimes my stomach decides to play dirty the morning before a race. Apparently it wasn't kidding this time.

This 5K was FLAT and super fast. It was a little windy (10ish mph) but nothing life threatening or race changing. I was cooking at a 7:40 pace when the doors SLAMMED shut. I've never cramped before in a race or really even on a training run. I get the side stitch every once in a while but today, whoa. My whole stomach felt like a brick on fire being twisted and poked and DAMN, it was not fun.

I saw Brett at mile 1.5 (2.5ish for him, it was an out and back course) and that gave me a little kick in my bumper for all of five steps. Then, back to what hell probably feels like. 

I wanted to give up. BAD. Buuuuuut, I didn't. 

I wanted to PR. BAD. Buuuuuut, I didn't.

I wanted to cry. BAD. Buuuuuut, oh crap. I did. Sissy lala. 

So, another almost but no PR in the books. I'm not sure I want to stay friends with the 5K. It's like that one friend you have, but you're not really sure why... that's kind of how I feel about the 5K. A few more months of this nonsense and I'll be saying my goodbyes. for good.

p.s. My boy took 2nd in his age group in a SUPER CRAZY FAST field of runners. He's pretty much my hero. Now he's out drinking green beer and I'm home with our furkids. pouting.

p.p.s. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Chelsea for finishing her first Half Marathon with a wicked awesome time!! You rock, sister! 

Bad race moments?
Do tell.
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