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5 Ways to Make Your Heart Smile

Posted Feb 17 2011 1:00am

I very rarely go to the doctor. Knock on wood.

So when I do go to the doc it becomes rather routine to recap the usual stuff like how I’m not taking any medications, how I’m not allergic to anything, and what kind of illness runs in the family. When we reached the family history part on my last visit, I reminded my doctor that my siblings have heart conditions. She made note. Excuse me, lots of notes. Then, upon listening to my heart, she looked at me funny, and told me I needed to see a cardiologist immediately.


Apparently, because within the hour I had an appointment with a cardiologist.

Now that’ll get a girl’s heart racing!

Long story short, I am fine. In fact, my heart is smiling. Well, sort of. After a few tests, the cardiologist concluded that my heart has a unique sound but (thank you, God!) it is healthy. She said the unique sound is as harmless as having dimples on your face. Hearing that made my day and made my heart smile.

Want to make your heart happy? Well then, here are…

5 Ways to Make Your Heart Smile

  • 1. Eat your veggies. Your heart will thank you. Need proof? Just see the research results provided by Consumer Reports .
  • 2. If you smoke…well, how do I put this gently? DON’T!!
  • 3. Exercise. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity each week but you don’t have to get it all at once. If time is an issue, split it up in 10 minute intervals throughout the day.
  • 4. Go Shopping. That’s right, shop at Macy’s as they are proud sponsors of the AHA. And while you’re there, pick up a red dress for your bad self or someone you love with all your heart!
  • 5. Tell 5 friends about . If you already did, tell 5 more…your heart will grow dimples. I guarantee it!

Now I really must go send a few more emails and then and go shopping..with a very, very happy heart!

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