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5 Ways to Make this Fall Better Than Ever

Posted Oct 01 2013 3:05am

Royal Roads University 5 Ways to Make this Fall Better Than Ever

The other day I was plugging future appointments into my life planner , when I realized that I was writing on the December page!!! Crazy, consider I can still remember back in the beginning in the year when I was writing in the January and February pages!! This has definitely been one of those years that feels like it’s  flown by!

I know people say that as you get older the years go by quicker. I hope they’re wrong – at least for as long as I’m having fun. 

Truth is it’s crazy to think that the fall is upon us. I’m sure before we know it, the Holiday season will come around. But before we get to that point, I would like to make sure that 2013 is my best fall yet! So I’ve come up with five changes I can make to get me there!


Five Ways to Have an Amazing Fall

Stone Lion in the Garden 5 Ways to Make this Fall Better Than Ever

1. Read more books – I don’t know about you but I think that fall weather is perfect for getting cozy under a blanket, with a warm mug of tea, and a good book. Getting back to reading is one way I plan on making sure that the cold and rainy Vancouver days don’t get to me this year. Because honestly, it may be wet and blustery outside but thanks to a book I can be anywhere. (And yes, in case you were wondering, I was humming the Reading Rainbow theme as I wrote this point!) icon wink 5 Ways to Make this Fall Better Than Ever

2. Eat extra clean (i.e.: minimize sugar) to prepare for the Holiday season – The end of the year is full of festive occasions in very quick succession. In between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, plus our anniversary, and my birthday, it can be very easy to let clean eating get away from me. I know pretty well every year I set out to eat well in the last quarter of the year but instead I find myself going from one party to another and overindulging. And if my latest bout of killing candida has taught me anything, it’s that so much of my health and mood is dictated by the state of my gut! This year, I’m going to go out of my way to eat extra clean in the lead-up to the holidays! Let’s face it, into every Christmas season a bit of sugar will fall but I want to make sure that by the time I get to that point my gut is at optimum health!

Fall Leaves Royal Roads 5 Ways to Make this Fall Better Than Ever

3. Enjoy the fleeting sun – Although the days get decidedly shorter and colder during fall, there are still moments that are glorious! I’ve often thought that nothing beats a crisp fall days with red leaves underfoot. icon smile 5 Ways to Make this Fall Better Than Ever In fact, growing up I loved fall so much that I used to think that when I fell in love, surely it would be during fall! icon smile 5 Ways to Make this Fall Better Than Ever Yeah, I was a tad cheesy and a whole lot of a hopeless romantic but it just goes to show you how magical a beautiful fall day can be. Having said that, the thing about magical fall days is that they don’t occur all the time! So when they do, you have to be prepared to throw on a coat, a pair of boots, a scarf, and head out to enjoy the wonderful outdoors! I know from experience that kind of outing absolutely lifts my spirits!

4. Take exercise indoors – During the warm weather I find it relatively easy to get my exercise in. Whether it’s through hiking, cycling, or taking long walks by the water, we’re usually on the go during the glorious Vancouver summer. But once fall hits it’s easy to hibernate and stop moving. And while I certainly don’t recommend you take up running during monsoon season, I still think it’s important to continue with an exercise regime. I have to confess that I haven’t worked out in a hard-core way in quite a while and this is something I definitely have to do! In fact, I think I’ll start my October 1st morning (likely around the time you’re reading this post) with sunrise yoga. icon smile 5 Ways to Make this Fall Better Than Ever

Entrance Hatley Castle 5 Ways to Make this Fall Better Than Ever

5. Eat seasonally – I’m a big believer that the tastiest food is both simple and in-season. And so this fall I plan to make sure that I step back from my beloved tomatoes, avocados, and limes (TOTAL staples in the Coastal Casa) and instead choose to enjoy some of the bounty of the season. I have to confess that I didn’t grow up eating squashes or other fall produce so this one will be a definite challenge for me but it’s one I’m looking forward to! Besides, the other day I realized it’s been an embarrassingly long time since I shared any recipes and I think it’s high-time I fixed that problem! icon smile 5 Ways to Make this Fall Better Than Ever

Note: I took all of the pictures in this post last October in and around Hatley Castle at Royal Roads University (where the Husband is currently completing a Masters program)!


Question: Do you have any plans to make sure this fall is a good one? Did I miss anything on my list? For me making sure my mood stays upbeat and happy as the darkness and rain sets in is a huge part of ensuring a wonderful fall!

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