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5 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Focus

Posted May 02 2012 2:46pm
Often, I am asked how I balance my training with teaching fitness classes, how I fuel, how I stay motivated, etc. without losing steam.

I thought I'd share a few tips that keep me going throughout the week.

  • accountability
  • protein often
  • tracking
  • move anywhere
  • routine


Teaching HIIT/Ab Blast classes keeps me honest and accountable. If I can't do the workout at a high intensity, how can I expect class participants to do it?

Post-HIIT class. Focus on upper body.

Individuals attend my class to work outside their comfort zone and it's my job to deliver.

Sure, there are days were I am dragging and feel far from inspirational, but it is my RESPONSIBILITY to provide a challenging and engaging setting.


Whether it's a quick smoothie for breakfast...

Green monster with Total Lean

Or, adding beans, low-fat cottage cheese and chia seeds to salads, find a way to incorporate protein into meals and snacks.

I also throw a scoop of protein powder in my cereal stay full longer.

Kashi with almonds and chia seeds

If I'm dragging, I know I need to incorporate more protein into my diet. Especially, as I am looking to build lean, muscle.


I get a lot of questions about my cute watch when I post #PROOF on instagram or twitter . It's a Polar HR monitor, model FT 40 , and I wear it for everything!

Polar FT40
During workouts or class, I monitor my heart rate constantly to make sure I am pushing myself and participants. Plus, I love seeing the stats at the end of a workout like calories burned, max HR and average HR.  

I also input all my workouts into my DailyMile account.


There are days I don't want to go to the gym or run in +20 mph Palouse winds. It's okay to have rest days or lower intensity days.

With minimal equipment, I can create a challenging workout at home. But, if my legs are shot, I usually opt for core work.


Planks are one of THE most effective ab exercises you can do. You engage your entire core and work upper body strength as well.

As a creature of habit, I like routine. I pack a gym bag to take to work on most days. That way I have no excuses not to get my RUNch in.

I also am routine about my eats.

I drink ProSculpt first thing in the morning and usually pack a breakfast of protein oatmeal or a smoothie and have plenty of snacks at work like no bake protein bars , almonds, and larabars especially on days I teach.

Prepare to succeed with healthy eats and exercises!
Come back for Fitness Friday . I have a BEAST of a workout to share with you!

And, be sure to visit Jenn at Peas & Crayons for
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