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5 Tips to Surviving Withdrawal Symptoms the Natural Way

Posted Jan 16 2013 8:20am

Overcoming an addiction of any kind can be quite challenging, regardless of whether or not you have an addiction to alcohol or an illegal substance . When you want to overcome an addiction the natural way without seeking professional treatment and guidance, you can do so by understanding the best methods that are available based on the substance you may be addicted to yourself.

Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a key factor when you are attempting to kick an addiction from your life. Drinking an adequate amount of water each day during the process of stopping an addiction will not only keep you hydrated, but it will also help to stop coughing, hunger and cravings for the drugs or alcohol you desire. Water also helps to relieve symptoms of constipation, keeping your body functioning as normally as possible while you are experiencing withdrawals.

Diet and Nutrition

Eating fruits and vegetables that are packed with fiber and nutrients can help to repair your body mentally and physically as you are faced with withdrawal symptoms . Ensuring you are eating healthier foods in general will allow you to feel your best even during the beginning stages of recovery. During the detoxing process, the body loses nutrients, causing you to feel more lethargic and even sick at times. Ensuring you have vitamins, minerals and all of the antioxidants you body needs will contribute to the success of your recovery.

Natural Herbs and Remedies

Tea, herbs and plants are all helpful when overcoming withdrawal symptoms regardless of the addiction you are facing. Green teas, plants and herbs can help to relieve stress while also ridding anxiety and headaches simultaneously.


Exercising is an important factor in the recovery process when you are overcoming substance abuse and addiction. Exercising will not only help to take your mind off of the substances you are quitting, but it also helps your body to release endorphins, boosting your mood and allowing you to think and feel positively. Simply walking or jogging can help to improve your mood while giving you even more energy to participate in other activities and hobbies you are interested in rather than giving in to substances or alcohol.

Controlling Breathing and Anxiety

Controlling your breathing and anxiety during the recovery process of an addiction can help with reducing stress while increasing your focus on positive aspects of ridding the alcohol or drugs from your life entirely. Yoga, meditation and even breathing techniques can all help with effectively calm nerves and rid anxiety while also giving you clarity on your future outlook.

Author Bio

Hayley is a drug counselor, blogger and youth mentor residing in the Western United States. To learn more about how you can help someone battle drug and alcohol addiction, click here . To learn more about the dangers of drugs visit .

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