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5 Tips to Help You Kick Food Cravings in the Butt

Posted Apr 23 2013 12:00am
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woman-eating-chipsIt has been almost a month since I started eating to live.  What does this mean?  It means that I am eating foods that are nutrient-dense or those foods that are high in nutrients.

I am happy to tell you, that I have not had any cravings for the junk foods (sweets, fries, and pretzels).  This is truly amazing, because all I did to alleviate the junk foods, was to eat more nutrient-dense foods.

I decided to share these tips with you because they have helped me and I know they will help you, especially if you are trying to get a handle on the food cravings.

When the body craves junk food, it is the body’s cry for the nutrients that it is not getting.  Nutrient-dense foods are high in nutrients.  These are the highest nutrient-dense foods:  raw leafy green vegetables, solid green vegetables, non-green, non-starchy vegetables, beans/legumes, fresh fruits, starchy vegetables, whole grains and raw nuts and seeds. ( Eat to Live )

Having an exercise routine helps keep your mind focused on improving your body.  When you are focused on improving your body and staying fit, you make better food choices.

If you don’t have those food that you crave in your home, then it is easier for you to avoid the food.  Family members might cause you have slip, because they bring the food in the house.  If this happens tell your family member that you are not eating those foods anymore.  Ask your family to help you by not bringing those foods into the home.

Everyone enjoys eating out, but eating out can result in you eating those foods that you crave.  Eating before you leave home helps you avoid those foods that you crave when you are out.  If you happen to grab a bite to eat while you are out,  you will more than likely not eat too much.

Plan a time when you eat the food that you crave.  When you eat the food that you crave, you will observe that your taste buds have changed and that the food doesn’t taste as good as remember.  This results in you not craving for that food anymore.

Kicking food cravings in the butt is not easy.  It is one of the most challenging things that you can do.  However, if you stick with eating nutrient-dense foods, you will discover that you will not have the food cravings that you once had.

When you see that you no longer have the food cravings, you will make it a priority to eat more nutrient-dense foods.  Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.


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