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5 Tips For Raising Your Vibration

Posted Jul 19 2012 6:20am

Have you ever met someone that left a lasting impression on you but you just can’t put your finger on why exactly? Or walked down the street and instantly feel attracted and connected to that smiling, happy person walking by, regardless of their sex, age, or aesthetics? Do you know a certain someone that always seems to attract cool opportunities and surround themselves with shiny, happy people?

These people are vibrating at a high frequency. They attract good things like magnets and other people always seem to be drawn to them without clear reason. Every person vibrates at a different frequency, or vibration. Though this may sound kind of airy-fairy, it’s actually a scientific fact, and our vibration can be accurately measured in megahertz. All living things, objects, hell, even thoughts and emotions have their own vibration. Low frequencies are like sponges to other things that vibrate at a low frequency. Examples of low frequency stuff; negative thoughts, sickness and illness, junk foods, etc. Thus, increasing your vibration will bring you in an upward spiral of attracting good things and good health!

The good news? You can increase your vibration, stop attracting negativity and douchebag persons and start attracting amazingness! Here are my top 5 picks for raising your vibration!

You are what you eat. Most people eat 3-7 times a day, 365 days a year, year in year out. It would  be rather ignorant to believe our food doesn’t directly influence how we feel, act, think, move through life. Raw and living foods have a higher vibration than cooked and processed foods. Organic produce has a higher frequency than conventionally grown produce. Think about it. If I would dunk you in a pot with boiling water, you wouldn’t feel so very vibrant, now would you? (Hint: no).

The higher frequency at which raw (vs cooked) organic (vc conventional) produce radiates has been beautifully captured in Kirlian photography. These photos clearly show, time and time again, the beauty in live foods.

It sounds so simple, and it actually is. The moment you slap a smile on your face, your whole being starts smiling. You can’t help but feel lighter and happier, whatever your crapball state of mind you were in just 2 seconds ago.  And not just that, a smile is infectious. I have personally practiced this little technique over and over and it always works. If I am stressing out about something, feeling down in the dumps, want to tear someone’s head off… I stop and just smile. For no reason. And suddenly, these negative emotions seem to melt away and I remember life is really all about pink rainbows, 5 layer chocolate cakes and unicorns.

Another great example of the power of the smile? Whenever I get random bouts of intense happiness, again without any clearcut reason (I love days like that!), and am out and about wearing a huge, goofy smile, people take notice and I see their faces change as well. It is like they are infatuated by a simple, genuine smile. They instantly start smiling as well. It’s like a snowball effect of happiness <3

Raising your vibration will instantly attract more happy thoughts, but it works vice versa too. Stop being a Debby Downer or Negative Nancy, and your frequency will skyrocket. Happy thoughts are sexy, and attract more happiness and other good stuff. For most people, this takes practice though, and becoming a light-hearted, positive person is not something that happens overnight (trust me).

Cool tidbit; it has been shown again and again that people are much more likely to survive chronic and fatal diseases like cancer when the patients have, or learn to have, a positive outlook on live. This is because disease also has its own frequency and it’s a hella low one. Thinking happy thoughts raises the frequency of the body and thus kills off things that vibrate at lower frequencies.

Any type of movement and exercise influences your vibration, so choose wisely! Though exercise is good for the body, the type of exercise you engage in also makes for the type of energy and vibrations you generate. Harsh, intense exercise will produce exactly this type of quality energy. Soft, gentle, nourishing exercise, like Yoga, will also bring a soft quality to your type of energy, and the vibrations you send out.

For this exact reason, dancing is my all-time favorite remedy for raising my vibration through movement (though a combination of different activities is also good). Dancing has an energetic, joyful, playful, carefree quality. It loosens up the body and the mind. It is moving meditation. Stagnant energy (blockages) can get removed through the impact of dancing.

Dancing in clubs and festivals is fine, but the above picture shows the importance of dancing alone as well. We usually feel more inhibited dancing in front of others and by dancing for yourself you remove this mental blockage. Try and see for yourself. Put on a 15 minute playlist of your favorite funky music (preferably something not too electronic) and dare to let go. Dance like no one is watching you. Try out different songs and different styles of music. Dance like a ballerina or flamengo dancer. Use your whole body. Use the floor. Sing along. Bang your head and toss your hair. Bonus points for including a hoop ;) . The circular movements of hooping activate your kundalini energy… more on that later! The moment I picked up a hoop I started hooping pretty much daily. The high you get from it is quite addictive. I feel surges of intense energy and pleasure deriving from it!

No go on and dance, hoop, dance walk, hoopdance, what have you. And I challenge you not to feel amazing afterwards!

Me, hooping it up at the club

I love flirting. Flirting is fun and it generates the most powerful form of energy known to man; sexual energy.

Sexual energy does not have to be used for, well, sex, but can actually be used and directed to a host of other pursuits. Flirting increases your perceived attractiveness, increases your libido (which is a sign of vitality) and enhances your level of creativity. This is the theory behind tantra, sexual energy is a powerful tool when used correctly instead of instant gratification (like junk food).

Start spicing up your life by flirting more. By the by, flirting does not, at all, have to bo confined to being single, people of the opposite sex, people that you find attractive, are in your age group and of the same race. Not. At. All. You can flirt with anyone and anything (I like flirting with dogs. Yes, really). Flirting is also much, much easier than you might think and doesn’t have to be corny. Eye-contact and, dundundun, smiling are the best flirting tools. Being open, warm, friendly, and gentle innocent touches are also great flirting techniques. Soon, flirting will become your second nature, once you notice how much fun it is and that it goes way beyond trying to score a date.

Happy flirting!

Yeah, don’t overdo it though

What tip is your favorite?

Stay tuned for more tips on raising your vibration!

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