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5 things you can do today to balance your immune health…and feel better

Posted Jun 09 2010 12:21pm

A healthy, balanced immune system means that your immune defenses don’t over-react or under-react to foreign matter Fivethan enters your body. If it’s pollen, your immune cells hold back, don’t attack, and let the pollen pass, avoiding inflammatory responses such as watery eyes, mucous build-up, congestion, etc. If it’s a cold or flu virus, your immune warriors jump on the virus and keep it contained, but don’t overdo it and cause  new adverse symptoms. If you’re stressed, your immune system maintains its balance and continues to function efficiently, not allowing stress to thwart your or deplete immune cells’ operating capacity.

The result of immune balance? The possibility of fewer sick days, fewer “dragging” days, fewer physical problems due to chronic stress’s impact on immune cells.

So what simple things can you do to balance and maintain your immune system?  Here are five:

  1. Eat smart. Reduce processed sugar, increase fruits and veggies. The Mediterranean Diet is considered a very good immune health diet.
  2. Get sleep. Research shows lack of sleep increases stress levels and weakens immune function.
  3. Get exercise.
  4. Wash hands often.
  5. Take supplements containing 500 mg dosing of EpiCor. Human clinical trials show EpiCor balances immune response.

There you go. The Immune Balance Five. Go forth and do them.

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