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5 Things to Avoid When Fasting

Posted May 28 2012 7:54am


A successful fast can be hindered and hurt by a few poor food choices. The primary goal of a fast is to cleanse your body of the buildup of toxins accumulated through the foods you normally consume and give your body a rest from breaking down these toxins. Your other goals, such as weight loss and healthier and more efficient organs, stem from these important achievements. Choosing the wrong foods and allowing yourself minor cheats during your fast can cause your cleanse to lose its effectiveness. Follow the tips below in avoiding foods that will wreak havoc on your cleanse.

Animal Products

You should avoid all meats and animal products regardless of what specific cleansing fast you are undertaking. These are very difficult for your body to break down and can often be full of the very toxins you are trying to remove from your body. Dairy products also fall under this category. Even a small cheat with animal products can be detrimental to the cleanse and even cause you to feel ill when your body becomes accustomed to your fasting regimen.

Sugar and Added Sweeteners

You want to keep your diet as natural as possible when cleansing your system. Sweeteners and added flavoring are typically man-made creations that do not belong in a cleansing fast. Avoid items that list artificial colors and flavors as well. Stick to items and ingredients that occur in nature as a means of deciphering what is good for your cleanse and what is not. Refined sugar can be difficult for your body to break down and can have detrimental effects on your body as well as your cleanse goals. If you must have some kind of sweetener, stick to natural choices, like pure cane sugar or honey.

Processed Foods

As with added sweeteners and flavorings, foods that have been processed can also hinder a cleanse. Foods that have been altered, such as with preservatives, can be a challenge for your body to break down. They can also bring in toxins to your body. Fresh and natural foods are the ideal route for a successful cleansing fast.


Caffeine is to be avoided when cleansing your body. Caffeine can be found in teas, coffee and even in chocolate. Caffeine is a diuretic and can cause dehydration. This can cause your kidney to work overtime, which is something you want to avoid during a cleanse to help your kidney health. Caffeine can also lead to anxiety and insomnia, both of which do not promote overall good health.


Alcohol, even organic versions, can hinder your cleanse results and should be avoided. Consuming alcohol forces your liver into action. By making your liver process alcohol you are preventing the organ from resting and healing. Alcohol, like caffeine, also causes dehydration, which affects your kidneys as well as your overall health.  It is recommended that you should even avoid alcohol in the days before a fast to maximize your cleanse results.

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