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5 Reasons To Detox & Cleanse

Posted Apr 30 2012 12:40pm


Participating in a successful cleanse can seem like a challenge. It can be difficult for your will power, your social life and your daily convenience. However, there are many benefits to participating in a cleansing detox that will outweigh the few hurdles you will need to overcome. A typical cleanse will limit or prohibit the consumption of processed and fatty foods, though a cleanse can vary from limiting the types of foods you consume to consuming only liquids for a period of time. A cleanse is used to flush your body of toxins and give your body a fresh start. After the cleanse is completed you will likely feel better overall as well as enjoy a sense of accomplishment. The knowledge that you succeeded in a challenge that benefited your overall health is an accomplishment that will invoke a feeling of pride, which can increase your morale as well as aid your body.


The intestines can store toxins that can deplete their efficiency. By cleansing the body of these toxins through fasting you increase how well the organs function. Your liver, kidneys and stomach will become more productive and as a result your overall health can improve. Since during the fast you are consuming minimal toxins, your organs not only do not have to deal with the existing levels of toxins in your body but they are also not processing new toxins. This can provide a boost to the healthiness and productivity of the organs.


Having trouble ridding your body of those stubborn last few pounds? The body holds onto a layer of fat to protect itself from the toxins stored in the body. By ridding the body of toxins through a cleansing fast the protective layer of fat is broken down as well. The organs no longer need protection so the cleanse enables you to rid yourself of that stubborn layer of fat that would have been extremely difficult to deplete otherwise. A cleanse can also help to jump start your metabolism, which likewise can aid weight loss.


Toxins can also have a negative effect on your complexion. By cleansing your body of the toxins through the fast you likewise help to clear your skin. The skin is used to help rid the body of toxins. By decreasing the amount of toxins you intake through a fast, your skin no longer has to work to flush them out.  The result can be a brighter, cleaner complexion and a healthy glow.


Since your body’s organs are not being used to help to flush out the toxins a traditional diet can accumulate, the energy typically expended can be used elsewhere. The cleansing fast can create a surplus of energy which can make you feel more alert. This increase in energy can spur additional activities and exercise, which likewise can result in additional weight loss and an increase in overall health.

Immune System

Although a cleansing fast can trigger cold-like symptoms, this is not an indication that the cleanse is making you sick, in fact, it is the opposite. A fast helps you to rid your body of toxins and those toxins can exit the body in a variety of ways, such as through a runny nose or cough. Once the toxins in your body are lessened and you are not consuming new toxins through fatty or processed foods, your body is able to expend additional energy fighting off germs. This results in a boost to your immune system.

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