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5 Minute Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:04pm
How's Wednesday going?  I won't say Hump Day because I know some people are not fond of the term so I'll give it a rest, just for this weekI've been a super busy beaver around the house.  Here's just a sample of my day so far: I cleaned 3 bathrooms, Swiffered my kitchen floor, made chocolate macaroons, made chocolate Snowballs, went grocery shopping and came back with a boat load of produce; cleaned a pineapple, chopped and cleaned a few peppers, peeled cucumbers, spiralized a few zukes, ran 3 miles, did 30 minutes of yoga, oh and let's not forget, all this while taking care of a 2 year old who's into everything. Not as if you care about any of this, but just thought I'd letcha know, I've been keepin' busy!

I am also getting ready for my furniture delivery like I mentioned beforeWoo-hoo for new furniture!   People talk about pregnant lady's having a glow? Well they really need to come over here and check out my glow when the furniture delivery truck rolls up!  Thanks everyone for your compliments on my furniture, too.  Muah!!!

Glad to hear that the Vegan Fajita action was a winner.

I do try to post some savory and dinner recipes but I think posting desserts is, well, more fun.  And since I'm a fun kinda gal, here's another raw dessert for you.

Averie's 5 Minute Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Gluten, Soy, & Dairy Free)

1/2 c dry oats (most oats are not technically raw but source true raw oats if your heart desires)
1/4 c pitted medjool dates (about 4-6 juicy, wet dates.  TWSS)
1/4 c raisins
1 Tsp Cinnamon
Optional: Dash of vanilla extract (I say, yes!)
Yields: 12 small cookies, feel free to double the recipe

First, lightly grind or pulse the oats & then add the medjools in your VitaCookieMaker or Food processsor

Blend again

Then add in the raisins & cinnamon, vanilla extract if you choose.  Blend again.

Here's what your oats-medjools-raisins dough looks like

Take your dough out...

...and form into cookie patties or balls

Containerize or pack for on the go lunches, snacks, what-ev.

I thought they were looking a little naked.   So I decided to garnish each cookie with a few raisins.

Ahhh, much better.

Optional Add-Ins & Extras:
Coconut flakes at the end
Coconut flakes in the mixture
Put Chocolate/Carob Chips in the mixture or hand-press some in at the end
Roll in carob/cocoa powder/cocoa nibs
Use gogi berries instead of raisins or another dried fruit like cranberries, craisins, apricots
Omit the dates and just use 1/2 c raisins if you don't have dates 
Dash of agave or coconut oil if mixture is too dry

Voila, enjoy!

And just for the savory and dinner peeps, here was a quick dinner I made.  A massaged kale salad a la Gena, but for mine I used kale, brock, cauli, tomatoes, and dressed it with myHomemade Broccoli Slaw Dressing.  It's a sweet, tart, and creamy dressing.  Sorta like what you'd find on salad bars, but without the transfat, oil, and yuck. Here's the recipe and all you need is a whisk. Enjoy!

Yoga Today is Pincha Mayurasana (Feathered Peacock Pose)

Tip of the Day:My Chia Seed GiveAway!!!!!  If you're not already entered, go get your pretty self entered for a 3 Pound Bag of Chia Seeds!!!!! 

What are your favorite stores to shop at?  I don't care if it's for clothes or for housewares or kitchen gadgets or health and beauty stuff.  I love West Elm for furniture, love Bed Bath & Beyond for kitchen and housewares stuff because I hoard those 20% off coupons they send and that way products are actually cheaper than I can find it on the internet (That's your Tip of the Day: hoard those BB&B coupons, they never expire!).   I love for health & beauty products, vitamins, supplements, and such.   And for hair & chick stuff, Ulta or Target always work.  Where do you score your stuff from?

Stay Tuned For Roasted Veggies, Dehydrated Veggies, Fresh Veggies...

Don't forget dessert, though!

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