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5-Minute Kale Snack Wraps

Posted Mar 28 2012 7:46pm

Happy Wednesday, loves! I don’t know what it is but I am so tired this week! Okay, I totally know what it is. One big midterm + one big project = very little sleep, which is what I experienced all last week. As a result, my body is not a fan of moving in general. We’re on the outs. Alas, I must prevail!


When my alarm went off this morning, I was so tempted to stay in bed. But then I told myself, “You love working out. And you’ve never regretted a workout.” That was all I needed! I completed the 25-Minute Combination Blast and was in and out of the gym in about 35 minutes (I stretched extra good today!).

I mixed it up by starting with 30 seconds of butt kicks and replacing mountain climbers with ab jacks. Good decision. After the 25 minutes went by, I was pooped…but smiley.

I’m so happy you have been loving this workout lately! I’ve gotten a bunch of emails and I get so giddy when someone tells me that a workout kicked their butt. Stay tuned for a new lower body and abs workout tomorrow!


This morning’s meal was my usual Vega chocolate protein pudding oats, along with a grapefruit and black coffee.

I know – you’re probably thinking, “Heather, why the heck don’t you eat something different for breakfast?” The answer is simple. I don’t want to! I am so in love with this breakfast. If loving Vega oats is wrong then I sure don’t want to be right! ;-) Anyone else eat the same thing for breakfast every day?

My only class of the day isn’t until 2:30, which is such a blessing! With being in class for roughly 7-8 hours on Monday and Tuesday, I relish the opportunity to catch up on some work on Wednesdays. I worked on a couple of assignments before heading to the dining commons for lunch.


Today’s lunch was pretty phenomenal. I mean, kale was involved so how could it not be phenomenal? About two bites into my meal, I saw a classmate of mine sitting at the next table and asked her to dine with me. It was a pleasant surprise!

I munched on apple cider vinegar-braised kale with onions, roasted pepper tofu and a side salad with beets, carrots and a dollop of hummus. Fabulous!

I’m not sure what my problem was in Medical Nutrition Therapy but I could not stop myself from spacing out in today’s class. We were discussing bowel movements and GI disorders, so it was certainly not boring! Think constipation and diarrhea – you know, sexy things. ;-)


Not too long after class got out, I took some time for myself and played piano/sang for awhile. It feels so good to belt it out once in awhile. I hope my floormates don’t get too annoyed! After my mini music session, my friend Kristen and I mosied on over to enjoy some dinner. Options were kind of sparse but I made it work!

On the plus side, there was more kale! On the left is lima beans with kale, onion and chopped tomatoes. It was made in this yummy sauce that I couldn’t really decipher, to be honest. Nothing else was really appealing to me so I just made a salad with hummus and roasted broccoli. Something about the tasty combination of hummus and roasted broccoli seriously blows me away. Mmm. Three cheers for clean eating!

5-Minute Kale Snack Wraps

Okay. I’ve done it – I’ve created a satisfying raw snack wrap. Naturally, it includes kale. But would you be intrigued if I told you that it is almost 100% raw and contains 20 grams of protein? I thought so!  Most importantly, they are YUMMY! Like, really yummy.

5-Minute Kale Snack Wraps

by Heather Waxman

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: Zero!



Ingredients (Serves 1)


In a small bowl, combine nutritional yeast, almond milk, water and spices.

Stir until the mixture yields a thick sauce. (You may add more water to your liking).

Place diced red pepper and diced avocado into the wraps.

Drizzle sauce over the leaves.

Wrap and enjoy!

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I’m so excited about these because they are insanely delicious, easy to make and packed with protein, antioxidants and healthy fats. They served as the perfect mid-morning snack, too!

Well, I’m off to participate in a  FitFluential Twitter conference for us fit ladies, hosted by GNC. If you want to join in, the hashtag is #GNCWoman!

Stay lovely,

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