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5 Components of Physical Fitness

Posted Mar 15 2010 11:15pm

Physical Fitness is the capability of functioning effectually all through one’s working days, performing one’s typical activities and yet having adequate energy remnant for handling any surplus stress or emergency scenarios.

5 Components of Physical Fitness

In a nutshell, the 5 components of physical fitness comprise of:

  • CR or cardio-respiratory stamina
    How effectually does the body convey nutriment and oxygen vital for muscle actions and conveying unusable substances from the cells.
  • 5 components of physical fitnessFlexibility
    The capability of moving a joint or any set of joints via a complete, standard scope of movement.
  • Muscle Strength
    The maximum extent of vigour that could be exerted by one or a group of muscles during a particular attempt.
  • Muscle Endurance
    The capability of a single or set of muscles for performing repetitive motions with a submaximal (less than one’s max oxygen intake, cardiovascular rate or anaerobic or active in the shortage of free oxygen) power.
  • Body composition
    This refers to the proportion of fat and fat-free mass present in the body. A lower percentage of body fat leads to a healthy body composition.

From the 5 components of physical fitness, CR stamina, muscle strength and muscle endurance would have a favourable outcome on body composition and resulting in lesser fat. Superfluous body fats detract from the other component of physical fitness, lower functioning and unconstructively affect a person’s health.

Constituents of motor fitness comprise of factors like pace, nimbleness, co-ordination both eye-feet and eye-hand. Such aspects mostly have an influence on sporty capability. Apt training could enhance such aspects within the boundaries of an individual’s potential. A prudent weight-reduction and fitness regimen endeavours at improving or maintaining overall components of motor as well as physical fitness via sound, advancing, objective-centric physical training.

Central Exercise Principles

Observance of particular fundamental exercise principles is vital for building up an effectual program. The analogous exercise principles are applicable to all irrespective of stage of physical training, be it a professional sportsperson or a weekend sprinter.

Following these vital exercise principles is essential.


In order to attain a training outcome, frequently exercising is a must. Exercising each of the initial four constituents for a minimum of thrice weekly is imperative. Infrequently exercising could actually be more harmful rather than offer any palpable benefits. Being regular is additionally central in regards to rest, sleep and adhering to a reasonable dietetic intake.


The amount and length of exercise should be increased at a gradual rate for improving fitness levels.

Overall Balanced Fitness Program

A fitness program to be effectual must incorporate activities that tackle overall fitness constituents as overemphasis on any single component could mar the others.


Offering an array of activities lowers tediousness and raises motivational levels and advancement.

Goal-Specific Training

Training must be designed in a manner that is mission-specific. For instance, individuals evolve into better sprinters when their training lays emphasis on sprinting. Though swimming is an amazing exercise form, however it would not bring about any improvements in a two-mile sprint time as much as a sprinting program would be able to accomplish.


An exacting day of training for a certain constituent of fitness must be followed with a more simpler training or resting day in regards to that constituent or/and muscle set or sets to assist recuperation. Alternating muscle sets that are being exercised on alternate days could be another means of facilitating recuperation, particularly so in case of muscular or strength endurance training is concerned.


Whatever effort load is being applied on the body during an exercising session should surpass what the standard demands placed on one’s body for deriving optimal outcomes from the training.

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