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5 Bad Excuses for Not Exercising…

Posted May 24 2012 2:43pm

I use this one weekly.  Not to mention-  I also thought I was runing my hair by washing it everyday (and I ‘m one of those people who has to shower after I exercise because I sweat a lot.)

I’ve realized that this is a bad excuse.  The benefits of exercising everyday completely outweigh the benefits of not washing your hair daily (plus you don’t always have to shampoo it!)

And it’s not THAT hard to shower.

Weather should not determine if you exercise or not (like today.)  Or course exercise is usually more fun with it’s nice out  but it’s those rainy days when we push ourselves to workout that will make us feel so much better.

So change it.  Find something that you love doing- Biking, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Jump rope, A boot camp class, Run, join a sports team, lift weights, the list goes on and on…

Also invite you friends to join for some motivation.

Make it.  Like brushing your teeth everyday- exercise should be a priority.  Set a goal for yourself to move for at least 20 minutes every-single-day.  20 minutes is completely doable!  Try these great quick work outs

10 Minute Yoga with  Ursula Vari

I get this one too.  There are many morning when I decide to get that extra hour of sleep (and this is ok!) instead of working out.  I have to admit though- I always feel better when I exercise.  ALWAYS.   Even if I’m exhausted- I put on fun music and dance for 20 mins or get on my trampoline and jump.  It might not seem like it sometimes but regular exercise will actually help increase your energy level.

I’m guilty–I’ve used all of these excuses at one time or another : )

It’s all about making exercise your priority.  It is ultimately you who has the power to change your life.

  • What’s your best excuse?
  •  And how many day a week do you try to work out?

Health & Happiness

I saw this on Yellow Haired Girl’s Blog and  thought it was pretty funny!

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