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5 Alternative Treatments for Drug Abuse

Posted Feb 08 2013 8:11am


Overcoming an addiction takes hard work combined with a strong network of support. While many traditional treatments rely on therapy sessions and medications, many people may prefer to seek out an alternative treatment that is based upon natural methods. Although getting help for a drug abuse problem may take some time, the following alternative treatments are now being used to provide people with an effective method for coping with their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Group Drumming Sessions
The power of music has long been recognized by practitioners of alternative medicine. Now, drumming is being used in group therapy sessions to provide people coping with drug addiction with an opportunity to enjoy social interaction while drumming away their addiction. Those who participate in these sessions report feeling more relaxed and confident after their drumming sessions are completed.

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that involves placing thin needles at various points along the body. When performed correctly, this type of alternative medicine is generally painless yet can be used to treat a variety of ailments. Acupuncture has been successfully used to help people recover from an addiction to opiates; however, more research is being done to measure its effectiveness for other types of addictions.

Outdoor Activities
Many times, getting away from a person’s social group and into the wilderness can have a significant impact upon a person’s recovery. Outdoor therapy sessions often take their patients into the wilderness while encouraging them to participate in physical challenges and team-building activities. Participants report that activities, such as rock climbing and water rafting, builds their confidence while offer a new way to escape from their stress.

Strength-Building Exercise
Exercise is well-known for its physical and mental health benefits. Now, drug treatment programs are incorporating exercise into their programs that can tap into the connection between the mind and body. Karate and yoga are two types of exercise that rely upon intense focus and concentration. By building these skills, a person can begin to break free from their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Another activity that has shown success in treating drug abuse is gardening . Although it may seem like a simple hobby, gardening provides a relaxing way for a person to develop their patience and self-control. The process of gardening can take several months of preparation before the reward of blossoming plants begins to show. From this process, a patient at a treatment center can begin to learn how to delay gratification. Over time, this can help them to finally break free from their addiction while learning better ways to cope with stressful events in their life.

Author Bio

Jennie is a drug and alcohol counselor residing in Florida . To learn more about how you can help someone you love battle substance abuse addiction, For more information on the dangers of drugs, visit .

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