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5-4-3-2-1 Survey

Posted Aug 29 2011 11:00am

As I’ve told you before, I’m obsessed with surveys . I’ve noticed I’m getting a bunch of new visitors (hi!! welcome!) so I thought I should introduce myself again. When I saw the newest survey going around the blog world, I knew I had to join in. Sometimes it’s okay to be a follower :) Thank you Tina for creating this fun survey!

5 Words to Describe Myself

1. Caring

2. Friendly

3. Mature. I’ve always been mature for my age. Seriously, who picks out their life career when they’re in kindergarten (and sticks with it)

4. Honest. I can’t stand when people lie to me, so I try my best to always be honest.

5. Silly

4 Favorite Foods

1. Frozen Yogurt

2. Pizza

3. Strawberries (especially chocolate covered :) )

4. Big exciting yummy salads. Not little shrimpy boring ones, but big delicious perfect ones.

3 Things I’m Most Proud of Accomplishing

1. Moving away to Hawaii from California and living on my own my freshman year of college-I was one of the few people from my city to move away for the first year of college, and in case you aren’t aware…Hawaii is FAR from California.

2. Becoming a cheerleading coach. I’ve been a cheer coach for about 4 years and I was so sad moving away to Hawaii meant I couldn’t coach that year. Luckily I am back in California this year and coaching again. Cheerleading has always been my favorite sport (yes it is a sport) and I absolutely love being able to teach it to others.

3. Staying on track. I’ve always had my eyes on the prize: graduating college and becoming a kindergarten teacher. I’m proud to say, though I’m not there yet, I haven’t really fallen off of the track to get to where I want to be. Pretty much everything I have done in my life has to do with my future career. Classes I’ve taken, jobs I’ve had, volunteer work with cheerleading, becoming a Red Cross CPR instructor, etc. I’m motivated to get where I want to be and I don’t let anything stop me.

2 Favorite Workouts

1. Ab Exercises. I’m a weirdo who loves to do ab workouts. I will do them all day and not complain once, but make me do anything else and I can’t promise I won’t run away whine a little.

2. Yoga. No doubt.

1 Thing to Expect From My Blog

I’ll always be myself. Whether it’s been a great day, or a terrible day and I feel like hiding in bed all day, I’ll be honest about everything. No sugar-coating here! Except maybe on cookies and doughnuts. Don’t be afraid to comment and join in on the conversation, I love to chat! Welcome to That Deep Breath, it’s nice to meet you :)

Your turn! Let me know 5 words to describe yourself, 4 of your favorite foods (this one was a toughie for me!!), 3 things you’re proud of, 2 of your favorite workouts or tell me about your blog! 


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