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Posted Jan 17 2011 2:21pm

Man it’s warm today!!! It has been pretty nice for a few days now so I went for a run in my SHORTS!! I much prefer running in shorts than pants. Don’t really know why, just like the “weightlessness” of shorts and heck...gotta show off my legs, ha:) 0117111030a

My warm up was 3 easy pull-ups (easy as in palms towards me), 10 squats and 10 push-ups.

According to my “training plan” I was up for a 5 miler today. Did that plus 1/2 mile. Mondays are my interval/speed days, but I decided to make today a hill day. I ran up hill for at least 5 minutes straight. Loved the burn (in the legs and the lungs).

TOTALS: 5.5 miles, 50 minutes, 9:05 pace

Since it is so warm, the snow is melting and it is nice & wet & muddy. I only got slightly splattered. 0117111114a

When I came home I did 3 1/2 pull-ups (regular ones - palms out), almost there! And then a LITTLE core workout, and I mean very little:

And I drank a BIG glass of NUUN . DSC06773

Time for lunch!

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