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4 self-care tips you must know for ankle sprain

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:01pm
Ankle sprain is one of the most common problems faced my people playing sports and some times we see people getting it for simple ankle jerks.

This post will be handy to those people who are really interested in knowing how to get relief from ankle sprain with simple FIRST AID at home.

Before knowing those 4 tips, please remember this R-I-C-E as a mnemonic where
R - Stands for R est
I - Stands for I ce packing
C - Stands for C ompression
E - Stands for E levation

1) It is very essential for about 24 to 48 hours after the sprain to prevent further injury.
2) For this you put the ankle at rest by wearing a splint or a brace.

1) This is one the best methods where applying ice to the injury area showing better results than medication for most people.
2) Do this by using a packet of frozen peas or an icepacks and note that ice must not have direct contact with the skin which may lead to frostbite. So to avoid this keep a cloth in between ice and the skin.
3) Another important note is that the ice must be laid on affected area up to 20 minutes per each hour but not more than 3 hours in total.
4) This method is effective before 24 hours after the injury occurred.

1) Compression must be firm but not too tight because it must not affect the blood circulation in the leg.
2) Using a bandage which is elastic in nature from middle of the leg to toes is best.

1) Keeping the injured leg as high as possible is very essential because it can absorb the fluid that leaked into the tissue concerned.
2) Try to elevate your leg above your heart level and the best way is to lie down and keep some pillows under your injured leg or if you are sitting down you can keep your leg on a chair.
3) It should be continued for some days.

I really hope the above 4 home remedy tips will certainly help you in treating your ankle sprain. Also here are some things you must know to prevent ankle sprain.

1) Maintain and keep your ankles flexible and strong by consulting physiotherapist and doing some strengthening exercises.
2) Try to wear proper shoes for your activities. Prefer shoes that will give your ankle proper support basket ball shoes (high-top) are the best choice where as platform shoes and high heels are unsafe.
3) Try to see that in your playing field there are no holes or any disturbances that can cause you ankle sprain.

Finally I request you to spread these tips and suggestions to your friends and family and also if you know any tips related to ankle sprain control please comment so that other readers of this blog can be benefited. Have a safe health.

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