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#4 Rock Climbing… FINALLY crossed off!

Posted Aug 21 2011 10:59am

I’ve been wanted to go rock climbing for quite some time. This was my lucky year! I grabbed some hardcore taekwondo friends and head out to Rock Spot Climbing in Boston (near Dedham)

We all go in and sign some waivers and get our gear.  Rock Spot was pretty efficient and got us started right away. $36 for a lesson and a full day pass. Got our harnesses and climbing shoes and we were on our way to our belay/knot tying/climbing session. I’ve gone “rock climbing” before. Other places, everything was  ready for us and all we had to do was step into our harnesses and we could climb. I felt super proud of myself of being able to learn all the techniques. Very useful. For about the first 45 minutes to an hour  for the lesson and it was really fun.  I found this website (unrelated to Rock Spot) and its pretty much what we covered! Safety Checks & Commands .

There are two parts of the lesson. The belayer (the one who stays on the ground) and the climber.  We learned all the important knots:

Figure 8


Double Figure 8

Then the safety knot at the top of the double figure 8. (also known as the fisherman’s knot)

So your climbing harness should look something like this:

As a belayer, we learned how to use the belay and carabiner which looks like this:



The staff are very very focused on safety and you have to tie and re-tie the knots over and over. Certainly made us remember!  It is also important the climber and the belayer stay have good communication otherwise that is how accidents happen.  We practiced falling drills and commands and how to safely bring the climbers down. Although it did not go without minor injury. 3 out of the 6 of us got the webbing between our first finger and thumb  caught in the belay. And I was one of them. And yes it hurt like a mofo. I think you only need it to happen once and it may never happen again. So pay attention and keep your hands a safe distance away from the belay!

I guess I wasn’t that surprised how well my TKD friends took to climbing walls. We are ninjas, of course…

There are different levels of difficulty, and they are labeled for each climbing route. 5.5 are the easy ones and goes up to 5.13 (probably higher, but thats all I remember). The routes are marked by colored tape. So if you wanted to climb the green 5.5 route, you would only used the green labeled hand &  foot holds. My friends were really really good. I just climbed for the sake of climbing. Towards the end I attempted some real routes but after 4 hours of climbing your forearms and fingers are aching. The trick is to use your legs as well!

But over a year later, #4 of Dezolutions 2010 is officially crossed off!

Thanks TKD Fam! <3

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