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4 Month Progress Pictures: 3 lbs Weight Loss

Posted Dec 10 2012 12:00am

Finally I have some progress pics for you!  November really was one of my most successful months in a while.  My workouts were great, my food was great, and my sleep was better than usual during finals (but still far from ideal).

One thing I want to address before I reveal the pics is the idea of comparing.  Both on my Facebook and on Instagram there have been some comments about comparison.  Comparisons were the exact reason I was nervous to share my weight loss on the blog in the first place.  I know I’m not considered over-weight for my height and weight.  But that doesn’t mean I am happy with the choices I’ve made that caused the 25 lbs weight gain.  I’ve made better decisions in the past and I want to make those decisions again.  Posting my weight, posting my pictures does not indicate how I feel about your weight or your efforts.  My progress pics are so I can compare myself to myself, to see my progress.

My brain is a little bit melty as I’m still studying and in the midst of finals.  I know I’m not putting this as eloquently as I’d like to.  Ultimately I’m just trying to get this point across:

DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS.  Just keep working on YOUR progress.

My purpose of sharing all of this is in hopes that it will inspire you to make small changes.  I haven’t done anything dramatic.  I haven’t cut anything out.  I still have pizza and beer and chips and cake.  I just don’t have it as many times a month as I used to.  That’s it!  More veggies, more water, more fitness.  I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m saying that deep down I know the right thing to do.  I just wasn’t doing it.

Okay one. more. thing.  I know I know I know that the scale is not the be all and end all of weight loss (or should we say fat loss).  I’m still weighing myself but the scale is certainly not proof of my effort whatsoever.

Behold a 3 lbs weight loss.  I’ve been up and down but ultimately the scale continues (for 4 months now) to end up around the 127 lbs mark.  Just over 4 months of work, there’s about 2 months in between each pic.  I’m pretty GOSH DARN proud of my progress.  It’s finally starting to feel like I’m getting somewhere :) :) :)

August . . . October . . . December

Oh yes and Brad, wrinkly shorts and all.  His goal was never weight loss but he’s been working out harder and trying to eat better as well.

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