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4 month hiatus (aka Summer Blues)

Posted Oct 13 2008 3:08pm

Life's challenges have taken a toll on my family and my personal health.  Between the barrage of work-related projects with rapid-fire deadlines and a family illness, my otherwise healthy choices have taken a beating.  I didn't think that would happen during the summer months because outdoor exercise is more attractive.

Last summer, I went through the similar work-related projects and deadlines and swore not to let that get into the way of my progress!  But it was even worse this year. 

I am resolved to get back on track.  The pedometer??  It's now attached to my waistband again.  The gym?  We've just been re-introduced.  My feet?  They're ready to get to walking again for more than 10 minutes at a time.  In fact, jogging a lap or 2 around the track is absolutely possible. 

Throwing a wrench into the whole equation was when my Dr said, hey, because of your age, I want you to get a Mammogram screening.  And when I did, wanted a follow-up done.  Thankfully, nothing's wrong...but they are keeping an eye on it anyway. 

2 months to my next Dr's appt...I'm gonna bring down the glucose...maybe even lose a pant and shirt size in the process. 

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