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4 interesting ways to bake an egg

Posted Mar 25 2013 7:00am
So…I am still pretty much obsessed with baking eggs in the oven. It looks like everyone else is too because “ How to Bake Eggs in the Oven ” has been one of my most popular posts since the day I posted it. So clever, yet so easy…and SO DELICIOUS.
I rounded up my 4 favorite eggy recipes that incorporate either a unique way of baking the egg or interesting ingredients to mix with an egg. 

4 Interesting Ways to Bake an Egg
1. Salmon Quinoa Quiche  —> with quinoa
2. Veggie Fritatta w/ Feta  —> As a fritatta
3. Italian Egg Bake  —> As a breakfast bake
4. Baked eggs  —> By them-self

I’m still adding to my collection of interesting ways to bake an egg. I’ve never poached an egg…(in general) OR posted fried eggs, eggs sunny side up, or even hard-boiled eggs. I have a ways to go
before I really conquer the art of the egg. 

What am I doing this week?
A lot of stuff! I teach yoga sculpt on Monday after work, Tuesday after work, and Wednesday at lunch.  Woot! Teaching is my me time…I just love the energy I can steal from my students :) What I’m most excited for is…the fact that my whole entire family is flying in on Wednesday night (Mom and Dad from Cleveland and Sis and Bro from Boulder) to spend the weekend with mwauh! I am taking Friday off to spend some much needed time with my family. The weather is suppose to be nice (in the mid 40s’ <--- so sad that I consider that nice) so we will probably: walk a lot, run a lot, eat a lot, and wander a lot. Whenever I am with my parents I feel like I walk an additional 8 miles per day...just because they really enjoy walking.

On top of the family being here, I also had my GFI (Group Fitness Instructor) prep class on Thursday night and lots and lots of recipes to make this weekend for some Designer Whey sponsored posts coming up in April.

On the back-burner and moving up the chain in rapid speeds is Team Beachbody. I am around 95% sure that I am moving forward with becoming a Team Beachbody coach and need to solidify some things before I dive deep into that with you guys :)

Happy Monday!

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